Mandar Poisons Raghav’s Food. Light Of Love 30 May 2023, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 148


The episode began with Pallavi and Amruta cooking together and Pallavi told Amruta, this is Raghav’s favorite kheer. Amruta said, prasad for the others then. Pallavi said, I will make that too and Amruta left. Mandar came there and asked, what are you cooking? Pallavi replied, I am making kheer for Raghav and she went to put the kheer in the fridge.

Mandar said, that is nice, Sulochana Kaku said it’s pooja today, I am happy for you, Pallavi said Thank you. Mandar said, I feel dizzy and Pallavi said come, I will take you to them room to rest, call me if you need anything. Mandar said alright, I will rest and come out during pooja, Pallavi said okay and left.

Mandar locked the door, called someone and arranged for them to meet. He then arranged pillows and covered them to make it look like it was him and he sneaked out.
Farhad was carrying gifts and he mistakenly stepped on Amruta’s rangoli, she yelled and Farhad dropped the gifts out of fright. Amruta was angry and Farhad said, I am sorry, I will make it right but Amruta shouted, stop it, just go and Farhad left. Milind walked to her and asked, what happened? Amruta was angry and left.

Sharda went to Pallavi with a saree and said, wear this, I bought it for you, now I am giving it to my daughter, I will help her get ready. Pallavi said, I came here as a daughter in-law but now I am a daughter here. Sulochana walked in and said, oh did I disturb you two, I want iron my dress. Pallavi you must be confused, with two husbands’ here right. Pallavi said, what’s there for me to be confused about, I have one husband and that Raghav. Sharda said, Sulochana please leave and she left. Pallavi said, Aai forget about her, I have become used to this now.

Raghav got ready and walked to Jaya and Jaya said, you are looking very handsome. Raghav said, I got ready all by myself, Pallavi will be so proud, why aren’t you ready yet, we will be late. Jaya said, your watch is 3 hours ahead, it’s now 2 PM, we have to leave around 5 PM. Teach your sister to be punctual, she isn’t answering mt calls, Raghav said, she must be busy.
Raghav said, Amma, take me some pictures and Jaya said, on one condition, you will also take me when I am ready. Raghav said, done and he hugged her.

Mandar said to Sunny, if something goes wrong because of you, I won’t spare you. Sunny said, I won’t make that mistake, I am here to help you. Mandar asked, did you bring what I asked you to? Sunny handed him a packet of powder and said, my friend Rocky helped. Mandar said, you two have to come to my house today.

Sunny said, consider it done but just keep our meetings a secret. Mandar said, I will but think about yourself and he left. Kirti asked, what is he going to do? Sunny replied, I don’t know but he will create a blast.

Raghav arrived at the Deshmukh house with everyone and Sunny walked to them. Jaya said, who called you here. Raghav said, Amma he is Kirti’s family, think of him as a body guard or a driver. Kirti went to hold his hand and said, don’t waste time with them.
Jaya asked Raghav, what do you think of Sunny? Raghav replied, right now I am just thinking about Pallavi.

Jaya said, such a pretty decoration. Raghav started looking for Pallavi. Sunny said to Kirti, this decoration will all be destroyed by Mandar’s blast. Milind asked, what is Sunny doing here? Kirti replied, he is my fiancé. Milind said, that’s okay if only he is in his senses.

Sharda saw Raghav looking for Pallavi and said, she is in my room. Jaya asked Mansi, who are these ladies? Mansi replied, they are traditional Manglagaur dancers, you will like it.

Sunny walked to Mandar, sat on a table and pretended to eat samosa and he asked him whether the plan was on and Mandar said yes. (Mandar had added the powder to the kheer that was made my Pallavi to Raghav).

Mandar saw Raghav walking to Pallavi’s room, Raghav looked at Mandar and signaled him that he had his eyes on him and continued to Pallavi’s room, he saw Pallavi and couldn’t get his eyes off her. Pallavi saw Raghav, he walked to her and placed his hand on her cheeks. Pallavi held his hands and hugged him. Mandar came there, saw them hugging and was angry.

Amruta came to call Pallavi and said sorry, I will tell Panditji to wait for you a little. Pallavi said, everyone is waiting lets, go but Raghav said, let’s wait for some time.
Farhad gave Amruta rose and apologized to her. Milind came to her, took the rose and asked Amruta, what was he saying? Amruta replied, I have to make an important call, bye.

Pallavi was performing aarti and Sharda asked her to go get the kheer for Raghav, I will distribute this to the others. Pallavi picked the bowl and walked to Raghav, Mandar was keeping an eye on them. Pallavi said, this is for you.

Raghav said, you will have to feed me and Pallavi said, what will the others think. Milind stopped everyone and announced a dance performance. Raghav said, I am waiting for the kheer, Pallavi.

Precap: Everyone was dancing, Pallavi fell unconscious and Mandar took her to his room and locked the door…Read more

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