Mandar’s Real Killer Exposed. Light Of Love 5 May 2023, Friday Pt1: Episode 123


The episode began with Pallavi at ring road looking for some clues to Mandar’s case, she started asking people around about Mandar showing them his picture, she went to a hotel and asked about Mandar there.

The receptionist told her she just started her shift, maybe the night shift watchman could help. Pallavi took the watchman’s address and left.

Pallavi got to Vipul Kadam’s house and an old man opened the door. Pallavi was happy to see the man was also Marathi and asked for help regarding 1st Dec 2018 and Kaka was shocked.
Pallavi was also surprised to see the watchman’s house very well.

Raghav panicked when Pallavi was not answering his calls and asked Farhad to go look for her.
Pallavi asked Kaka to please tell her about Mandar and she explained her situation to him. Kaka said, that night was one of the dangerous nights and it changed my life too, there was a big accident. Pallavi said, how is that possible, he took lift and left.

Kaka said, you look very restless to know, I am very poor. Pallavi payed him 500₹ bit Kaka asked for more money. He said, I will share information for 10 lakhs. Pallavi said okay, I will come back with the money and she left.

Pallavi was thinking about Raghav’s statement and the watchman’s statement and said, this time I will find out the truth.
Pallavi came home, Raghav saw her and asked, where were you, your phone was switched off too. Pallavi asked, did Mandar really take lift from you? Raghav replied yes, why?

Pallavi replied, I have an important information to share with you, she made him sit and asked, was there any accident that day? She told him about the watchman and she said she will get the remaining information tomorrow, soon she will find out the truth but the man is asking for 10 lakhs and she asked Raghav to loan her money.

Raghav said recently, I invested a lot of money, I can’t give you now. Amma asked, why do you need money now and Raghav, don’t you have money for your wife? Raghav said to Amma, I am a businessman, currently I don’t have this huge money but Amma found it suspicious.

Raghav locked himself in his study and was angry over the situation, he then imagined his good self asking him to go tell the truth about Mandar death, that what actually happened was that he didn’t kill Mandar, he just helped him and an accident happened which was caused by her close friend.

Pallavi calculated all her money she can manage and found out that she only has 2 lakhs. Amma walked to Pallavi and said, here this is 5 lakh and 3 lakh in my account, so use it, now you can manage. Pallavi said, I can’t Amma. Amma said, I have Raghav to look after me, I can understand the money matter is urgent.

Pallavi said, it’s for Mandar. Amma said, return me the money when you want, I want you to find out the truth so you can move on happily. I don’t want your present and future with Raghav to get affected by the past, so have it. Pallavi took it and thanked her.

Raghav said, Kirti was behind Mandar’s accident, should I tell Pallavi about this.
He remembered( Kirti was in the car, she saw a man passing and shouted, a driver asked her not to be be scared and that thr man is far away, Kirti got angry at the driver and left)
Raghav said.

I had seen Kirti in the car, she might have forgotten and doesn’t know I have seen her that day, so I can’t tell anyone because Kirti is my sister and Pallavi is my wife, Kirti didn’t do it intentionally and I also took Mandar to the hospital but….
The Good Raghav said, Raghav you are risking a lot and maybe you will drown with this sin. Raghav said, I have to save my family else it will also drown for the same reason.

Raghav was in his bedroom thinking about the situation, Pallavi walked in and saw him asleep, she went to him and said, how come he slept so early, no worries I will talk to him tomorrow, she pulled the blanket over Raghav and went to sleep.
Pallavi was thinking that she will know about Mandar tomorrow but she felt bad to bother Raghav too.
Raghav thinks, tomorrow you will get what you want Pallavi, you will find your peace.

Precap: Pallavi saw Raghav near the watchman’s house.
The Watchman said, Raghav killed Mandar.
Pallavi asked Raghav, did you kill Mandar and made me a widow?”…Read more

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