Pallavi Learns Raghav Killed Mandar. Light Of Love 5 May 2023, Friday Pt2: Episode 124


The episode began with Pallavi seeing Raghav on the Watchman’s lane, she tried to call him but he left and she wondered what he was doing there.

Pallavi handed the money to the watchman and he started the story. He said, that night there was an occasion in my family, my mother in-law’s Birthday and I didn’t want to go but I fought with my wife and I was sitting at a hotel, your husband came.

he was in a wedding outfit and was looking for an auto ,he was then knocked down by a car and it was a big accident, the driver then ran away. Pallavi asked who was the driver, any idea? Watchman replied, it was Raghav Rao.

Pallavi came home and went directly to Raghav and asked him, did he kill Mandar, did you make me widow? Tell me the truth. Raghav looked at her and said yes, I did. Pallavi said, you can’t Raghav, why are you lying, you can’t do this, I saw you near the watchman’s house, tell me the truth, why are you taking this blame on you, the person who can help a poor little girl can’t run away with a accident, he married a girl to unite his family, was ready to be humiliated for his wife, such a man can’t run away after an accident.

Raghav responded,yes I did, I was impatient and scared so I ran away, I am in front of you, I am ready to accept any punishment. Pallavi said okay, tell me who killed Mandar, who are you trying to save, I am sure that you can not kill someone but save someone. Raghav said, I am the culprit trust me.

Pallavi placed Raghav’s hand on her head and asked him to swear that he killed Mandar. Raghav said, I hate all this. Pallavi said, you are trying to save the criminal, if that person had taken him to the hospital, Mandar would have been alive. He/she didn’t just kill Mandar but the whole family. Raghav said, I am ready to surrender. Pallavi said, I will find the real culprit.

Raghav said, Pallavi you want the real culprit, I challenge you, you won’t find the person. Pallavi said, at least you accepted it’s wasn’t you, if you are Raghav Rao, I am also Pallavi Raghav Rao.

Raghav asked Farhad to set a meeting with the lawyer and Farhad said okay. Raghav looked at Pallavi’s picture and said, why do you trust me so much, you never listen to me.

Pallavi was thinking about Raghav near the shop and Krishna asked her, what’s wrong and went to get her water. Pallavi asked, what will you do when you wish right or wrong for a close person. Krishna said, explain it to me in a simple way. Pallavi remembered Mahabharata narrated by Sharda and said, Raghav wants to save his relations and it’s definitely between Farhad, Kirti and Amma but I want to know the truth.

Jaya asked Pallavi, why is she back early from the shop? Pallavi replied, I have something important to talk to you about, shall I? Jaya said no, let’s sit and talk and she smiled. Pallavi said, Amma I am not trying to blame you or Kirti but I need help. Jaya said, don’t justify yourself, just ask freely. Pallavi said, do you by any chance remember where you were on 1st Dec 2018? Jaya replied, not really. Pallavi asked again, anything special that day? Jaya replied, we had a boring life.

Pallavi said, no problem, don’t stress yourself, just tell me when you remember. Jaya said, there must be something in my gallery, let’s check 2018 photo’s, she showed a photo that she and Kirti went to Swamiji Ashram. Kirti walked to them, Jaya told her about the date and she became sacred, Pallavi told them about 1st Dec’s accident.

She then said, see I don’t want….. Kirti cuts in and said, so why are you interrogating us, you think we are killers such a shameless girl you are, Amma look what you got in this house. Jaya said, enough Kirti, stop overreacting. Pallavi said, Kirti sorry if you felt bad but I was just asking because I found a clue that there was an accident.

Kirti said, where did I get a car from that I will have an accident with? She then walked away. Jaya saw Pallavi becoming emotional and said, Pallavi forgot about her, I didn’t feel bad at all, because I want you to find the truth and punish the culprit. Pallavi hugged Jaya.

Precap:Kirti was on a call in tears, Raghav walked in and said, Kirti I know it was you.

Pallavi said to Raghav, I won’t let you do this, I won’t allow you to take the blame and let the culprit walk freely…Read more

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