Raghav Gifts Pallavi The Shop. Light Of Love 6 March 2023, Monday: Episode 57-58

In episode 57 of “Light of Love,” Raghav was seen at his home, visibly angry, and confronted Pallavi about her alleged involvement in Kirti and Amma’s arrest. Pallavi denied the accusations and told Raghav that she had actually saved him. She also mentioned that she belonged to a middle-class family and was not capable of doing such a thing. Raghav believed her, but still held a grudge against her for ruining his and his sisters’ lives. Pallavi retorted that she would retaliate if he tried to hurt her family further. Raghav threatened to kill her, but Farhad intervened and tried to calm him down.

Later, Raghav contacted Jaya and asked her about the day when the photos of the saree photoshoot were uploaded. Jaya told him that several people were present that day, and someone might have framed Pallavi. Raghav got angry and started drinking, but Farhad tried to convince him that Pallavi was innocent. Raghav asked about Pallavi’s assistant, Krishna, and went to meet him at the shop.

Krishna was surprised to see Raghav and tried to avoid him, but Raghav apologized and said that he had no interest in the challenge anymore. He also mentioned that he was impressed by Pallavi’s talent and wanted to help her. Krishna revealed that Pallavi was managing the shop alone and was hiding the losses from her family. Raghav checked Pallavi’s fake accounts book and stole it, saying that he had an idea to help her.

Raghav called Pallavi to a restaurant for a shop discussion and presented her with transfer papers for the shop. Pallavi was skeptical and refused to sign them, but Raghav convinced her that he was transferring the shop to her as a gesture of goodwill. Pallavi asked for a deal and proposed to pay Raghav in 12 installments. Raghav agreed and asked her to sign the first page of the agreement. Pallavi also added a newspaper with the terms and conditions of the installments. Raghav asked her to sign the duplicate copy as well, and they parted ways on a positive note.

Pallavi was happy about the transfer of the shop, but Raghav revealed that he had one more game in store for her. In the precap, Raghav informed the Deshmukh family that their saree business was in loss.

In episode 58 of “Light of Love,” Pallavi arrives at the shop where Krishna asks her what happened. Pallavi reveals that Raghav gave her the shop willingly, and everyone is surprised to hear the news. Nikhil announces that Pallavi has arranged a party where Vijay will be the guest of honour. Sulochana looks disappointed that her plan has failed, while Amruta speculates that it’s a party for the success of the Photogram.

Later, Janak Amma calls Sharda and invites the Deshmukhs to her house. Nikhil asks about the cake and decorations, to which Janak explains that Pallavi sent them for the evening’s party, which has been shifted to her house. The Deshmukhs go to Janak Amma’s house, where they are greeted warmly.

As everyone gets ready for the party, Sharda asks Mansi about Pallavi’s whereabouts, while Sulochana continues to criticize Pallavi. Raghav gets ready and leaves despite Farhad’s request to reconsider. Farhad prays for Pallavi’s well-being.

Pallavi arrives at the party with the lights switched off and a spotlight on her. She greets everyone and reveals that the party is to celebrate Vijay’s dream coming true, which turns out to be the purchase of their own shop. Pallavi hands over the shop papers to Vijay, who starts crying with happiness. Everyone applauds, but Sulochana is in shock. Pallavi questions Raghav’s involvement, to which he admits to giving the shop as a return gift for all the happiness she has given him.

Things take an ugly turn when Raghav reveals that Pallavi has been visiting him every day for the past month, insinuating that they have been in a physical relationship. Pallavi gets angry and asks Raghav to leave, but he continues to accuse her of planning and acting to hide their relationship. Raghav even throws money at Pallavi, claiming it’s payment for their time together. Vijay slaps Raghav, and Raghav reveals that the shop has been in loss for the past two years. Vijay throws Pallavi out of the house in anger.

The episode ends with a pre-cap of what’s to come…Read more

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