Light Of Love 7 February 2023, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 21


The episode started with Pallavi asking uncle where is Baba, Vijay turned around and with his face covered all in black and said this is all because of you Pallavi, people just placed this color on me but you have disrespected me and my work and I can’t live with this insult.

Sometime back….

Pallavi saw a 100₹ note and thinks where did it come from, Vijay walked to her and said when I sold my first saree my father had gifted me this with his blessings and I had thought when Mandar will reach a milestone I will gift him same and you fulfilled that wish of mine so this is yours, you remember after Mandar’s death when i had found you a match for the wedding, his mother asked you what is your aim and you said you want to become our support and fulfill our dreams.

Sharda walked to them and saw Pallavi in tears and asked Vijay what did he say to her, Vijay said I was just talking about the shop, Sharda said enough of that all day shop, go now and Vijay left. Sharda asked Pallavi what is wrong, why is she crying and Pallavi hugged her.

Pallavi reached the shop and saw people removing her shops board and asked them why are they doing so, they said because she insulted their art and they complained that Pallavi sells profane lingrie in the name of saree, which insults their art and hard work, we respected Vijay a lot but you ruined everything, no one will support and work with her now and this shop won’t be there anymore, they will cancel her license.

Pallavi told them license isn’t cancelled yet and no one can touch it, she will take care of the situation and never let such situation arise where they have to think of removing her shops board.
Pallavi thinks about Raghav’s behavior, Kirti asked Pallavi what is wrong, Pallavi told her about Bonkar Association complaint, Kirti asked who did this to her, Pallavi said she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore, just wants to handle the situation right now.

Kirti asked her to go and discuss with the association chairman, he is a friend of Baba but he will tell Baba, Kirshna said he won’t, have faith in god, Kirti said you are hiding the truth about loss and now it’s high time you tell the truth, Nikhil was listening to them talk.

Raghav was with an agent and said I am looking for a match for my sister, these aren’t match for my driver also, how can you show such options, she said I showed almost 300 boys, what are you expecting, Raghav said someone who truly loves Kirti, they should be made for each other, she said a brother would never like any boy please show these pictures to your mother she might like. Raghav said okay.

Pallavi reached home and saw Mansi and Rahul hand wrestling and all cheering for Mansi, Sharda told Pallavi that whoever wins the marriage will take place as per their choice, if Mansi wins Maharashtrian wedding and if Rahul then Telgu wedding. Pallavi saw that Vijay was missing and started looking for him.

Nikhil was in tears and said Pallavi di, now I will take care without telling you and you won’t be facing problems alone, she called Abhishek and accepted customs clearance job.

Mansi won and she said wedding will be Rahul’s style. Pallavi asked Sharda where is Vijay, Sharda said Bonkar association chairman called him so he went to visit him.

Harsh was with Nikhil and Abhishek, he explained the work to them and said they will be paid 50,000₹.

Pallavi reached the Chairman’s house and asked where is Baba, Vijay looked at her with face covered in black, Pallavi asked what is all this, Vijay said this is all because of you, you are a liar, you insulted my trust, my hard-work, how much will you lie, I considered you my pride but you lied, you knew the shop was my pride and you took it away from me, I can’t live with this insult and fell down.

Pallavi was just imagining everything, Chairman opened the door, Vijay introduced Pallavi and invited him for the wedding, Pallavi asked Vijay to go ahead, she will join, Pallavi thanked Chairman for not telling the truth, he said he won’t but he is under pressure to cancel the license, Raghav has complained and only he can save you.

Pallavi reached home and said I won’t give up, I will get my license back and do whatever I can, I will go and request Raghav Rao to but I will do it for my Baba, Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj used to say fight with hurdles till you win and don’t step back until then.

Raghav was thinking how he will show Amma pictures of the boys, Pallavi walked in and asked him why are you doing this, Raghav said you made my life miserable, just leave the city and go, you started the fight I will end it, Pallavi said go ahead but take back your compliant, Raghav said you can’t run a business, Pallavi said you have no right to complain on my business.

I want my license to fulfill my dreams and if I am going from here I need to settle the shop and dreams of my family, Raghav said past 2 years your shop is in loss, you can’t run business, Pallavi said loss comes and goes, you might also have gone through downs and I am asking same one, unfortunately I have to ask you for it, Raghav asked how will you do something in 1 month that you couldn’t in 2 years, Pallavi said if I don’t I will leave the city but what if I win, Raghav said you get to stay.

Precap: Raghav and Pallavi were dancing, Raghav saw 2 waiters eyeing on her and he went to tell her, she took the wrong signals and asked him to step away…Read more

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