Pallavi Is Thrown Out From The House. Light Of Love 7 March 2023, Tuesday: Episode 59-60

In episode 59 of “Light of Love,” the scene opens with Raghav confronting Pallavi about the shop. Raghav claims that the shop belongs to Pallavi and he has given her the money for it. However, Vijay interrupts and slaps Raghav for talking nonsense about Pallavi. Vijay declares that Pallavi is his pride and he trusts her implicitly. Raghav responds with a smirk and says that it’s blind trust. He then accuses Pallavi of lying to Vijay and making fake accounts to show that the shop has been in a loss for the past two years.

Raghav claims that Pallavi wanted the shop in her name and shows the original papers to Vijay. Pallavi denies his accusations and asks him why he is doing this. Raghav says that Pallavi has hurt him a lot and he wants the shop papers. Sharda, Pallavi’s mother-in-law, says that the original papers are with Pallavi. Raghav shows them the papers and claims that Pallavi had given them to him. Pallavi denies it and says that Raghav is lying.

Krishna, Pallavi’s friend, backs her up and says that Raghav is lying. Raghav then shows a chat group and reveals that the girl in the photos that were circulating in the news is Pallavi. Pallavi slaps Raghav and asks him to stop. Raghav accuses Pallavi of playing with her family’s emotions and says that she is responsible for everything that has happened. Pallavi denies his accusations and begs Vijay to believe her.

Sulochana, Pallavi’s sister-in-law, says that they cannot trust Pallavi after everything that has happened. Mansi’s marriage is broken because of Pallavi’s actions. Vijay asks Pallavi if the balance sheet was fraudulent. Pallavi admits to showing false accounts, but she had loans to repay and was coming into profit. Vijay calls her a liar and fraud and says that he feels ashamed to call her his daughter. He burns the papers and declares that the shop doesn’t belong to Pallavi.

In the pre-cap, Sharda chooses Pallavi and walks out with Nikhil. Pallavi tells Raghav that she is leaving but will return.

Episode 60 of “Light of Love” began with a heated exchange between Pallavi and Vijay. Pallavi admitted to lying, but insisted that she had not cheated on him. She explained that Raghav had been torturing her for a month, and even tried to kill her. Vijay was not convinced, and accused her of going against his wishes by meeting Raghav. He then threw her out of the house and declared that she had no relation to them. Nikhil tried to intervene, but Vijay slapped him and closed the door.

Meanwhile, Raghav was drinking and Farhad confronted him about his actions. Raghav claimed that Pallavi had played with Amma and Kirti first, and that he had taken an oath to protect his family. Farhad challenged him, asking for proof that Pallavi was responsible for their troubles. Raghav had none, but insisted that he had done nothing wrong.

Sulochana, who had orchestrated the revenge against Pallavi, was pleased with the outcome. Amruta thanked her for giving Pallavi a taste of her own medicine, and Sulochana warned anyone who dared to cross them.

Pallavi was walking alone and shouting Raghav’s name in frustration, while Raghav was in his car drinking. He saw that Amma’s house had been defaced with vulgar messages, and he tried to clean it up. He then saw Pallavi and confronted her, telling her to stay out of his way.

Sharda was praying when Nikhil walked in and told her that he couldn’t find Pallavi. Sharda insisted on searching for her, but Vijay refused and called Pallavi a fraud and liar. Sharda stood up to him, saying that she would bring Pallavi back and no one could stop her. Vijay threatened to set himself on fire, but Milind tried to stop him.

Raghav and Pallavi continued to argue, with Pallavi promising to return and seek revenge. Raghav remained defiant and confident, saying that he was unbeatable. The episode ended with a surprising pre-cap, with Jaya saying that she and Kirti would return to the house only if Pallavi was married…Read more

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