Raghav Ruins Pallavi’s Life. Light Of Love 9 March 2023, Thursday: Episode 61-62


The episode started with Vijay saying I will burn myself if Pallavi walks in again here and you two leave, Pallavi will never return, Sharda walked to Vijay and said you are threatening me of suicide and she asked God, why do these men control us with such acts, we will not abide by them we have our own identity and this my Pallavi has taught me that I don’t need a man to tell me.

she wiped her sindoor and removed her Mangalsutra and said this was my pride and today my husband used this to control me, she placed the Mangalsutra in Vijay’s hand and said if a woman has to chose between husband and kids, she will chose kids and Milind if he does something call the Ambulance because now my daughter needs me, Sharda then left with Nikhil.

Kirti was leaving, Jaya asked where are you going, Kirti said Krishna called me, Vijay threw Pallavi out of house, I think it’s Raghav again and we are all looking for her and I know where she might be.

Sharda, Kirti and Nikhil found Pallavi near the shop, Pallavi hugged Sharda and Sharda said what are you doing here, Pallavi said I don’t know where to go, Sharda apologized to Pallavi said I should have stopped Vijay, Pallavi said I swear on you I didnt do anything, Sharda said I trust you, Nikhil said let’s go home, Pallavi said not until I prove myself innocent, Sharda said come home we are a family.

Pallavi said no, she saw Kirti, Kirti said it’s your friend not Raghav’s sister, Pallavi said Raghav could do all this because I am a woman, he thinks I am weak, everybody believes all wrong about a woman, why is this always, people will forget this but I have to prove myself, if I don’t fight for myself I can never look into my own eyes.

Sharda said where will you stay, Kirti said me and Amma are with you, aunty Pallavi will stay with us, Sharda said I can’t stay without you, Pallavi said we have to do this, please go near Baba, I will stay with Kirti, Nikhil thanked Kirti and asked her to take care of Pallavi.

Nikhil and Sharda walked in, Milind said something happened to Vijay Dada, they saw Vijay on the ground and called a doctor.
Pallavi woke up scared and saw a call from Krishna, Pallavi then rushed quickly.
Doctor told them that Vijay had a second heart attack, his blockage is removed but is critical, Pallavi said Raghav is responsible for this.

Raghav saw Farhad talking to an old lady, he stopped Farhad from sending her home and gave her money, the lady denied and said I see regret and not happiness in your eyes, I don’t want to beg, Raghav said dont give lecture, the Lady said accept your mistake, you know you are wrong and left. Raghav yelled at the security for letting her in, Farhad said she was right, correct your mistake, Raghav said I already did that yesterday and left.

Milind looked at Pallavi, Sharda rushed to her, hugged her and started crying, Pallavi said Baba will be fine, Sulochana said such a drama, Milind said shut up, Sulochana said these two are responsible for his health, he had a heart attack because of them, Milind said enough,and asked for adhar card, Sharda said it’s home, Pallavi said I will get it.

Mansi ignored Pallavi, Pallavi said talk to me don’t ignore me, Mansi said I trusted you, you are a liar, just leave, why should I talk to someone who ruined my life, go back to Raghav, you shared everything with me before, I should have understood, but I will not trust anyone else now, you ruined everything, I thought you are my sister but truth is you are my sister in law.

Pallavi said I hear everything and everything did to me because I think you all are mine but you trust Raghav and not me, what’s wrong with everyone here, looks like I was wrong that I trusted you all, I could have left after Mandar but I didnt and you said I was a mistake, if this is it, yes I broke your marriage and yes I had an affair with Raghav, you were my Mansi but you never understood me.

Pre cap: Jaya said to Raghav, me and Kirti will come to this house on one condition, Raghav said agreed, Jaya said marry Pallavi.


The episode started with Pallavi walking out of the house, started cryiny and said why me.
Raghav got gifts for Kirti and Jaya, she said I got you new clothes, Microwave, flowers, Jaya asked what new mistake you have done now, Kirti got a call and said we will come soon and told Jaya, Vijay is in a very critical state, he is in the ICU, Jaya said okay let’s go, call a taxi, Raghav said I will drop you and Kirti don’t be scared, I will be there with you.

Sulochana grabbed Adhar card from Pallavi and went inside. Raghav dropped Kirti and Amma, Pallavi stood in front, picked a stone and started hitting him, Raghav said are you mad, if my car gets a scratch, I won’t leave you, Raghav held her hand and said why are you creating a scene.

Pallavi asked where was this fear when you destroyed my character, my life, my father is in the ICU, I just wish I could murder you, Jaya and Raghav heard that and walked to Pallavi, Jaya asked what did he do, Pallavi said he destroyed my life, my family and my character.

Sharda asked Nikhil to get medicines,Mansi get food, the Nurse rushed to them said the patient is collapsing, we need to shift him to the emergency ward.

Pallavi said to Jaya, I am thrown out of house, Jaya said my son is uncultured but when I saw him helping you I thought he has some good left in him, I saw my son after so long, I saw him helping you, he was changing, Pallavi said so did I, but it was all a lie, Pallavi said Raghav tell your Amma what you did, why are you silent.

Raghav said Amma ignore her, Jaya said is this true, Raghav said yebut…. Jaya said get lost from here and Raghav left. Jaya said sorry Pallavi, this boy again broke my trust, and remember I am always with you, and hugged Pallavi, Nikhil rushed to Pallavi and said Baba is being shifted to the emergency ward.

Farhad was discussing with Harish regarding Pallavi, Raghav said you think I am a villan and so is Amma, she again spoilt my day, it was a big today for me, I had decided to buy that house, which was mine and my family broke and apologized to Amma and become family again and give Amma the house keys but Pallavi again ruined the day again, she broke my dream again.

Jaya apologized to Sharda and said he did wrong, Sharda said why are you apologizing, just please take care of my daughter, Kirti said don’t worry Pallavi will be fine with us, Sulochana said wow, very modern of you, you are letting Pallavi stay at your house, Sharda said shut up Sulochana, Sulochana said you can’t shut me up and if I stop helping, you won’t be liking that, be strong enough to bare all this and her son said he slept with Pallavi, very good upbringing Jaya you gave Raghav.

Jaya slapped Sulochana and said you don’t care about Pallavi but I care and respect Pallavi, she is far more better than you and dare you say a word, Raghav is my son and before a word with me think twice, Sulochana said what about people, they are discussing Pallavi and Raghav, go shut them and left

Sulochana was home said my legs, Amruta walked to her and said I am worried what if we get caught, Sulochana said what, Amruta said Pallavi is staying with Kirti, if she finds out about Kirti’s incident what then, what if Raghav finds out it’s us, Sulochana said shut up, no one will know anything, Pallavi will leave this city and go.

Raghav saw Jaya and Kirti at his house, Jaya said Raghav you can’t runaway from your mistakes, Raghav said I bought our old house Amma, Jaya said I won’t go to that house, Raghav said you believe Pallavi not me, never trust me, Jaya said Raghav you have always insulted us and now it’s Pallavi and her own Aunt calls her a slot.

Raghav said Amma she lied to her father, Kirti said I know because I made those accounts and it’s because Vijay is a heart patient and look he is in ICU now, how can you sleep after ruining her life, Raghav said Amma, Pallavi sent you to jail, Jaya said what, Raghav said yes and this is why I punished her, Jaya said you need to apologise to her, she can never do this, please listen to your mother, so that she can be in peace.

Pre cap: Jaya said me and Kirti will stay with you on one condition, Raghav said all conditions agreed, Jaya said marry Pallavi…Read more

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