Pallavi Suspects Kitti Is The Kíller. Light Of Love 8 May 2023, Monday Pt1: Episode 125


The episode began with Kirti panicking and saying, how is this possible, was that man Pallavi’s ex-husband, how, nobody should know it was me, what will I do and why did Pallavi ask me and Amma? she called Sunny but remembered he was in Sikandarabad.
Pallavi saw Milind and Amruta coming to visit her and she invited them in. She then asked them if everything was fine. Milind replied, we want to talk to you and Raghav and there Raghav came in to them.

Milind asked Raghav, what is wrong with him, why is he so tensed? Raghav replied, it is business issues. Milind said, look I told you, he would have been stressed with work. Pallavi said, Amruta I am so happy to see you with Kaka and thinking about family. Amruta said, I understood the meaning of family and what is right and wrong and Pallavi added, I hope others learn that too.

Pallavi told Milind that she and Raghav had found some clues regarding Mandar’s death and will find who the real murderer is. Amruta asked murder? Pallavi responded, yes it was a hit and run case. Milind said, Mandar will be at peace when the culprit is caught, Raghav thank you for helping Pallavi and Pallavi you are lucky to find Raghav who helps and supports you, we will pray that the culprit is found. Pallavi said, don’t worry, I will find the culprit soon. Milind got a call and he left.

Raghav whispered to Pallavi to tell everyone that he was the murderer but Pallavi said, we won’t. Milind thanked Raghav for supporting Pallavi and they left.

Raghav asked Pallavi to call the police so they send him to jail but Pallavi said, only the real culprit will be punished not you. Raghav asked, why don’t you believe me? Pallavi replied, I know it’s not you. Raghav said, let the past be in the past. Pallavi said, you want me to forget about the past, about the one who made me a widow and ruined Deshmukh’s house happiness! no, I won’t. Raghav said, why won’t you listen to me? Pallavi said, why hiding the truth then.

Jaya saw Raghav worried and asked if it was about Pallavi. She is in pain and asked me and Kirti too about 1st Dec 2018. Raghav asked, how dare her ask you about that? Jaya responded, she has all the right but why did she why ask us, what are you hiding Raghav? Raghav said, why is Pallavi so stubborn, what did you tell Pallavi? Jaya replied, I told her we went to Swami’s Asharam. Raghav asked, we? Jaya said, me and Kirti. Raghav then became confused and thinks, how come Kirti was there.

Amruta panicked, went to Milind and told him that she witnessed an accident on her way back home. Milind asked, if the driver was fine? Amruta replied yes, people took him to the hospital, the incident reminded me of Mandar dada, Pallavi found Mandar’s wedding ring at Raghav’s house. Mandar had asked him for a lift before he had the accident. Sulochana heard them talking and thinks, wow, now I will use this information and create a mess.

Kirti told Sunny about the accident and said, it was Pallavi’s ex-husband. Raghav went to Kirti’s room and asked her what she told Pallavi. Kirti responded, I told her that I was with Amma. Raghav said, really, don’t lie, I saw you driving the car by Mandar when the accident happened, don’t lie to me.

I am trying to save you, so tell me if you were the one, it was wrong and if things go out of hand I will take the blame on me but be careful about what you tell Pallavi and he left.
Kirti called Sunny and told him that Raghav saw her on the day of the accident.

Pallavi was thinking about Kirti’s words and made a call. Raghav came into the room and went to change. He went into the washroom, calmed himself, walked to Pallavi and went to bed. Pallavi liked his perfume. She saw the AC was too cold and reduced the temperature but Raghav increased it back again. She said, I am cold and Raghav asked her to wear a sweater then. Pallavi had lots of messages from Krishna and Raghav became irritated.

Pallavi called Krishna and she purposely talked loudly with Krishna to annoy Raghav. Raghav woke up and said, please go out and talk. Pallavi got another call because Krishna has disconnected the call a long time ago and Raghav became angry. Pallavi answered the call and it was a home loan call and she gave them Raghav’s number. Raghav started getting their calls and both started arguing.

Kirti walked in panicking and said, Raghav Amma.

Precap: Raghav and Kirti were near Amma and Raghav asked Kirti to move a car. Kirti responded, I can’t drive and Raghav became confused.
Farhad got angry at Pallavi for blaming him of killing someone.

Pallavi told Kirti that Farhad killed Mandar and needed her help, she asked her to talk to Raghav.
Kirti told Raghav it was her car that hit Mandar and Pallavi thinks, then it might be Farhad, she will blame him then. Kirti was shocked to see Pallavi hearing the truth…Read more

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