Kulfi Is Angry At Lovely For Using Her Songs. Little Singer 31 August 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 56


The episode started with Sikander saying lovely today I want answers,lovely said I am not answerable to you,at least I am doing something for my daughter,Sikander said why don’t you understand you are positing her career.

Lovely said I managed today and will manage here after,Sikander said how will she record, have you taught about it. Dad said Sikander, I will finish you, he made a call and said find me a singer better than Sikander I will pay as much as you want.

Sikander said have you thought of Amyra lovely,lovely said about our daughter whom you don’t focus on,Sikander started breaking things in anger and said it’s cheating,you and your family will never understand this because music is business for you people,for me it’s worship.

lovely said stop worrying about my daughter,Sikander said she is my daughter too, lovely then saw Sikanders injured hand,Sikander said it’s not bigger than the one you gave me,lovely I need her hand, there’s nothing bigger than my daughters happiness.

Jagira consoled kulfi,kulfi said I don’t know what I am upset about,not finding my dad,being cheated or my voice being stolen,jagira said lovely ma’am cheated you,kulfi said but why,right, left said, it’s because we people are poor and rich people take advantage of us and think we are fools.

kulfi said I am not fool,jagira said if this is so, why didn’t you understand the trap,kulfi said it took time but my voice gave happiness to everyone,and I am their friend and I was helpful,jagira said you are very sweet but that’s not helpful here,you need to be smart.

Jagira said it’s your take now whether you want to be good at heart like Sikander sir or smart like lovely maam.lovely blamed Sikander on Nimrat’s topic and said you spoilt my life,Sikander said not a word,lovely said you love that women and not me and my daughter.

Sikander said stop it,I loved Nimrat before marrying you,you cheated me after our marriage,now all things will be equal I will live like you,will do every single effort to keep my daughter away from your tricks.

Kulfi said I will choose Sikander sir,he is very sweet and his purity is seen from his music and if I can sing even little of his kind, I will be so happy.

Kulfi woke up, checked her voice and was happy to have it back,she jumped in joy and rushed to jagira and said my voice is back but asked why are you cleaning all the vessels,left, right said.

Amyra sang so well, so a success party is being held,kulfi said I am so happy,jagira said be happy when this party would be for you,kulfi said she is my friend and so I am happy for her, we will have yummy food too since it a party.

Amyra was on a call said my dad is so happy,he saw Sikander asleep, he walked to him and said dada my friends are asking what you are gifting me, if I tell them you scolded me my life will be over, look your hand is injured.

she run to lovely and said dad is injured,lovely said look my hand is injured too and your dad it’s enough of him,the phone rang and said look your friend is along, go have fun.

Kulfi looked at Sikanders hand got haldi,she applied it to his hand and left. Sikander woke up, looked at his hand and thinks who did this.

Kulfi gave dadi tea,Sikander asked who applied haldi to my hand, kulfi walked away and Sikander thinks, I felt Nimrats touch. Sikander was having breakfast,kulfi walked to him and offered him to open the jam bottle.

Sikander saw haldi on her hand and asked you applied haldi to my hand,kulfi said ma use to do so,Sikander said why didn’t you tell me first,kulfi said ma always said never count on helping things.

Sikander saw Amyra’s performance on the internet and said this voice, it’s so powerful,peaceful, Amyra isn’t the real person who should be admired I will find the kid, he deserves this.

Pre cap:
kulfi asked Sikander not to drink alcoholn, if he does so, goddess Saraswati will take away his music,Sikander said how dare you talk about my music can you at least sing and kulfi sang…Read more

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