Sikander Takes Kulfi Away. Little Singer Kulfi 1 August 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 11


Sikander stops his car and runs to kulfi and asks are you fine,kulfi very happy to see him,sikander says kid I’m very sorry,kulfi touches his cheeks and says sikander Singh Gil is that you,sikander says people say so,kulfi says because you are,sikander says because you are smart,kulfi says I love your songs but Ma doesn’t allow me to sing because Ma and Baba use to sing and Baba left her for music.

Sikander in shock,kulfi says I hear your songs at pan stall and my fav is and sings the song,sikander in tears,nimrat rushes,sikander hugs nimrat,nimrat looking at them,sikander says my baby and kisses and says I’m your Baba,I can never make a mistake in understanding this music and only sikanders daughter can sing this way,kulfi hugs sikander and calls him papa.

Kulfi asks why did you leave me,sikander says I left to return but now I won’t leave you and take you with me,kulfi says promise,he says yes,kulfi sits in sikanders cat and leaves.nimrat shouts kulfi and realises it was just a dream.nimrat says I can’t let kulfi meet sikander if she does she will forget me and go away with sikander,kulfi running behind the announcement.

Nimrats mouth starts bleeding,and she faints,sikander in his jeep restless driving and stops by a dhaba,he remembers spending time there with nimrat,waiter asks how may I help you,sikander asks way to Pathankot,he says from right you get a direct route and from left you pass by a village called chiroli,sikander remembers discussing about it with nimrat ,sikander smiles and says nimi.

Everyone gather around nimrat,sikander sees his poster,kulfi running behind it,sikander looks at it and says this stardom and leaves,kulfi reaches the poster tired and exhausted.she asks the driver and says uncle if you would wait for a minute what wrong would happen you made me run so long,he gives her a coin,kulfi says no I don’t want this I want the big poster,look after this you won’t need it so give it back to me,he says why is he your father.

Amyra looks at sikanders pic and says dada you really think I made joke of music,but I’m your daughter,why can’t I have this,I’m so sad,let me take a sad selfie.

Cutie walks to amyra,amyra says please don’t trouble me,cutie says I’m sorry superstar,amyra says I’m not I know that and I have to show my dada I’m a superstar and prove him wrong and cutie get me new music teacher.

Kulfi says why is that people only put their fathers posters no they don’t,they put gods,he asks is he your god,kulfi says yes he is,and Ma says our teacher is our god and he taught me song.

Amyra says cutie teacher doesn’t matter so if dada won’t I will find new one and will surprise dada with my music. He says you have to prove yourself then you will have this poster sing the song you heard,kulfi says yes I will and sings.everyone at the dhaba start enjoying,kulfi forgets the lyrics and a man starts laughing.

Setu says kulfi was with me but later,nihalo asks what,setu says Radha,hariya cattle,he gave birth so kulfi must be say Baba lied why but,nihalo ask them to go and find kulfi.kulfis sister finds nimrat and she says before Ma sends kulfi Pathankot I have to inform kulfi and runs away.

Guys at dhaba says sikander is India and Canada superstar you can’t sing like him,kulfi says you are right it’s tough song lyrics are so tough,he says runaway go,kulfi feels bad and looks at poster and says I called you guru but look at you,kulfi finds music in every activity in the location and continues the song with her own lyrics.

Everyone at dhaba start enjoying,and applaud for her,he says well done girl,kulfi says I used easy lyrics I know my lyrics are wrong but when I will have his poster I will learn the right lyrics,he says you will be a bigger singer than sikander,kulfi says but Ma says girls don’t sing,he says why so goddess Saraswati is also a lady right,your Ma must have meant something else but you never leave singing,you are born artist and here’s a coin always kee it with you it’s a blessing and after today’s function this poster is yours,kulfi says you are so good I will go home and tell Ma about you.

Kulfi sees bholi,bholi says your Ma is gonna die.

Pre cap: sikander follows the route to chiroli,nurse tells kulfi your Ma has cancer and if she doesn’t wake up today even doctors here won’t be able to save her…Read more

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