Nimrat Is Diagnosed With Cancer. Little Singer Kulfi 1 August 2022, Monday Pt2: Episode 12



Nihalo hitting kaddu and scolding him why didn’t he get kulfi,he says Bholi was saying bua dying so kulfi is there with her, nihalo says I don’t care if she dies today or tomorrow,better die today but I want kulfi,where is she,he says she is in hospital,setu hears that,kulfi reaches hospital and starts looking for nimrat and asks everyone about her.

Bholi asks Didi will bua will be fine right,kulfi says off course she will goddess will make her all good,setu rushes to hospital,nihalo stops him and says dare you spend a penny on her,setu scolds her enough nihalo not a word against my sister,they both are mine and always will be my responsibility and leaves.nihalo says I have to find kulfi or else bhala will ask for money back,tonight kulfi has to sing in pathankot.

Kulfi and Bholi see nimrat in a room,nurse stops her and asks her to leave saying this isn’t kids play area,kulfi says I’m not playing she is my mother,nurse says doctor has asked not to allow anyone in and if anyone has to meet they have to get money for treatment,kulfi says let me meet Ma she will wake up listening to my voice and only she knows how will I manage money,nurse says I don’t care go ask your father,kulfi says but she is my father and mother,she is my life.

nurse says your Ma is suffering from cancer and if she doesn’t gain conscious doctors here even wouldn’t save here and if you really have no one go get money,kulfi says let me meet Ma,nurse says enough of drama don’t create problems and trouble other patients and pushes her away.

Bholi says will bua never wake up now,kulfi says shut up now,Bholi asks what will you do now,kulfi says I will sing song this will make Ma angry and she will wake up and starts singing.kulfi crying while she sings.

Nimrat wakes up saying kulfi don’t sing,kulfi don’t leave me and go,kulfi says never Ma I’m here and I’m coming to you,nurse stops her and says I told you get fees for treatment only then you can meet her,and you need to take your mother to Pathankot hospital or she will be dead.

Amyra playing with Jonny,bunny Singh walks to her,amyra asks who are you,cutie says he is bunny singh and amyra love he is your music teacher,amyra says he,he will teach me,he is a singer right,you think he can teach me,bunny says I need extra fees to teach her how to respect with singing,amyra says please cutie,cutie says let me,cutie says look bunny you have to motivate amyra and praise her so much that she thinks she is the best of all and if you can’t get back to your middle class life,bunny says deal.

Dishearten kulfi thinking how will she manage money and says there’s only one person and is mami,Bholi says she will hit you but not give you money,I wish you had your father he would manage everything,kulfi says my Baba is there but I don’t know who he is,but like my Ma I don’t want anyone else,see now how I save my Ma.

Sikander in thoughts of nimrat while driving,he sees a board which reads to chiroli,he drives that way,kulfi gets home and to nihalo,nihalo looks at her in anger,nihalo scolds her and says dare you get out without my permission tell me what you want,kulfi says Ma,kulfi puts her hand forward and says my Ma is I’ll please give me money,nihalo says I don’t have a tree of money and even if I did I wouldn’t,kulfi falls in her leg and begs for money,kaddu and bholi request too,nihalo says dare you stand for her,kulfi says I will do whatever you say but save my ma.

Amyra begins singing,all close their ears,mohendar walks to amyra with dadi,all close their ears,amyra sees them and stops singing,amyra says cutie look all have closed their ears,am I singing so bad,cutie says no dear do a thing as your teacher,bunny says she is crap and raps it and insults amyra saying she is bad,mohendar says how dare you insult my kid,bunny says I’m teacher but I have learnt something money isn’t everything.

Kulfi says yes mami I will do everything you say,nihalo says ok earn money then,you have to go with bhala and sing in pathankot,kulfi says but how will I I’m crying,mami says come with me stop creating drama,kulfi says how will I leave Ma but,nihalo says if you don’t I will cause your mother that she dies today instead of tomorrow.

Pre cap: lovely says minti I just want to reach pathankot as soon as possible I have gut feeling something bad is gonna happen.
Sikander bangs his jeep on tree near nimrats hospital…Read more