Finally, Kulfi Embraces Her Father. Little Singer Kulfi 1 February 2023, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 270


The episode started with Sikander crying and missing kulfi, he said I was here to write a song for Amyra but I can’t stay without kulfi, it’s hard, I miss her so much, he felt kulfi’s presence and rushed down stairs, Sikander and kulfi saw themselves and rushed towards each other and hugged, Kulfi thinks, he found out I am here, Sikander thinks, I hope I am not dreaming, he said my princess is really back.

I can’t believe, Kulfi said I missed you and you missed me too right, I was so scared, you won’t believe where I was for so many days but I kept telling myself I am your lioness and you also won’t believe how I landed here, I won’t leave you now, look at me, I am talking so much and you are saying nothing.

you didn’t do anything wrong with me and you look so weak but now I am here, I will make you fat again, I missed you and everyone, how is Amyra, Sikander then remembered his promise to Amyra.

Kulfi said tell me how she is, let’s go in, I have to see everyone, Sikander then stops her, Kulfi looked at him and thinks what happened when I mentioned Amyra’s name and asked, is something wrong? tell me the truth, is Amyra not doing well, Mohendar saw kulfi, rushed to her and hugged her, he said you are back.

how are you , Kulfi said I can’t believe I am back, Mohendar said don’t go, Sikander look our charm is back, Mohendar said let’s go in, all will be so happy seeing you, Sikander stopped them from going inside and said stay here I will be back and Kulfi got scared.

Sikander said why is god testing me so much, why can’t I stay with my daughter and be happy, she is here back to her baba but I can’t see her, she will stay with me and Amyra, I will convince Amyra. Amyra said mom I love Holi I want to see.

Lovely said it’s your time to rest but Amyra requested her, lovely said okay only for little time. Sikander said I shall tell Amyra, princess I haven’t broken my promise, she came back on her own, she is just a kid, like you she can’t stay alone, I love her as much as I love you.

Kulfi asked Mohendar did he miss her, Mohendar said after you left, it today that i have smiled, the whole house missed you a lot, Kulfi said where is sikander when will he come, Mohendar said he is preparing for your welcome, Kulfi thinks Ma never played Holi because baba wasn’t with her, today I shall, it will be our first Holi and asked Mohendar for colours, Mohendar said sure we all shall play let’s get colours.

Sikander was about to go upstairs, he saw Amyra and lovely, Amyra asked Sikander, what’s wrong, Sikander said what are you doing here, Amyra said it was boring upstairs and everyone is playing Holi so I came to watch, Sikander said come here I have to say something but first listen to me, Amyra saw kulfi and started panicking, Lovely also saw kulfi, Sikander said Amyra, baby breathe.

Amyra said you brought her, you broke promise, Sikander said I didn’t, Amyra said kulfi is his favourite and he will forget me, why did you do this, you gave me a fake promise, Sikander said she isn’t staying with us for long, Amyra calmed down and said you won’t leave me right, sikander said how can I,now go upstairs.

Sikander saw kulfi chatting with Mohendar and broke down, she then walked to Sikander and said I never played Holi till now, Sikander thinks, today I am snatching her right on her first occasion with me, she has just me, how will I end everything with her, Kulfi applied him colours, she applied him pink colour and said Ma had same coloured dupatta.

Pre cap : Sikander said kulfi you can’t stay with me, Kulfi said I am your Kulfi your lioness, Sikander said no you aren’t, for me it’s just Amyra, we were very happy without you…Read more

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