Little Singer Kulfi 1 June 2023, Thursday Pt1: Episode 438


The episode began with Kulfi waking up and she said, this is such a beautiful place, where am I, is this God’s land? The singer came to Kulfi, Kulfi saw him playing with fire flies and thought he was God. The singer said, you are up, that’s good. Kulfi said, you look so much different from your photos. He asked, my photo? Kulfi replied, your photo is in everyone’s house. He became happy and began dancing with kufli.

Kulfi realized he wasn’t God and asked him, who are you and where am I? He replied, you are in my house, it is too cold here, have some corn but Kulfi insisted, tell me who you are and where I am. He said, I found you near a river, there was no one there so I brought you here.

Kulfi thanked him and asked, can I call my father? He responded, I don’t have a phone, just look at the sky and talk to whoever you want to talk to. Kulfi said, let me talk to my Baba. He said, no problem, we will go to the store nearby and call your father tomorrow morning. He then introduced himself as tuntuna.

Kulfi said, today I am missing my mother a lot, she turned into a star after leaving this world. Tuntuna said, try figuring out which one is your mother and Kulfi showed him one. Tuntuna asked, how did you reach here? Kulfi told him about the accident. Tuntuna walked in with food and said, when I get scared I eat alot, you have to eat too.

You should have had my mother’s aloo paratha. Kulfi said, mine makes yummy ones too. Tuntuna asked, where do you come from. Kulfi replied, chiroli near Pathankot. Tuntuna began singing song ans people gathered around. Kulfi remembered singing the same song in chiroli and joined tuntuna.

Tuntuna praised kulfi saying, you sing so well, stay with me, why do you have to go. Kulfi said, I have to go, my father must be very worried. Tuntuna asked the people near by for a phone. Kulfi made a call and none of them got connected because the phone has no airtime.

Tuntuna said, kulfi don’t worry, I will drop you at chiroli. Kulfi responded, now I stay in Mumbai. Tuntuna was shocked finding out kulfi was an Indian and he asked her to go to bed. Lovely arranged plates and invited everyone from the chawl, no one liked the food. Lovely thinks about the consequences she had to face in the chawl and blames kulfi for it.

Tuntuna thinks of informing the police about Kulfi.

Precap : Tuntuna lied to the police that there is no Indian hiding there…Read more

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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