Little Singer Kulfi 1 June 2023, Thursday Pt2: Episode 439


The episode began with Tuntuna stopping himself from calling the police. He was in a dilemma whether to call them or not and finally he called them saying, i have found an Indian girl, he became scared and placed the phone away. Kulfi kept mentioning Sikander’s name in her sleep.

Sikander arrived at the accident location and Himmat told him how it happened. Sikander said, my daughter is alive. The police said, we are worried she may have flown to the other side of the river into Pakistan. We have begun the process to inform them else they can arrest her.

Tuntuna came out of the house and saw the police threatening everyone for hiding a little girl. Tuntuna said, I can’t let Kulfi go into their hands. Sikander said, God you did very wrong by hurting my kid, I will get my daughter through these waters, he jumped in and swam across to the other end.

Amyra woke Lovely up and said, it’s 8 am, be quick, we have to join the queue to use the bathroom. Tuntuna placed kulfi inside the house, closed the door and pretended as if he was working in the garden. The inspector walked to him and asked, has he seen any Indian girl? He replied,no I haven’t seen anyone. The Inspector said his voice sounds so similar to one who called them. Kulfi then woke up. Tuntuna said, it is not possible, I don’t know who might have done that, I guess the person was pulling a prank on you.

Lovely and Amyra were in the queue and Amyra calmed her down. Lovely was feeling uneasy in the bathroom, she slipped and fell in the coal. She began throwing tantrums and said, Amyra get me water right away and Raju said, you just spilled all the water.

The Inspector threatened Tuntuna and asked him to answer. Kulfi came out and asked, what’s wrong? The inspector asked Kulfi, what is your name? Kulfi replied, I am Kulfi. The Inspector asked who she was and told her to go get milk and jaggery for them. The Inspector asked Tuntuna to keep an eye on her and he left.

Kulfi asked Tuntuna, why did you lie? Tuntuna responded, you ask so many questions. Kulfi said, maybe they came here to find me, they will take me to my father. Tuntuna said stop, don’t go to them, you are Indian and you are in Pakistan. Kulfi started dancing and said I am in Pakistan! Tuntuna asked, what’s wrong with you? Kulfi responded, I am here in Pakistan to meet God. Tuntuna said, calm down, you can’t be excited as we are enemies. Kulfi said no we are not, who told you. Tuntuna responded, everyone knows. Kulfi said, then let’s be friends and she hugged him.

She continued, you know chiroli is the same as this town so why are we different and why are we enemies? Tuntuna said, just finish the milk and leave. Kulfi said, I have to go to Kartarpur. Tuntuna said, take a bus and leave then. Kulfi said, help me get on a bus and Tuntuna said okay.

Sikander arrived in Pakistan, Kulfi felt his presence and said, I feel like I am in my own country. Tuntuna said, come let’s go and walked out wearing a Burkha.

Precap : The Inspector found Sikander and asked him to show his ID…Read more

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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