Sikander Meets His Angel Kulfi. Little Singer Kulfi 1 March 2023, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 309


The episode started with Kulfi saying Ma how can this man be my father, look how he treated me, where is my baba, she heard Sikander’s recorded songs. Bhola was sleeping and had a dream meeting Kulfi, kulfi as his angel, Bhola woke up saying angel please stop don’t go, Pakhi asked, papa what’s wrong, Bhola said I dreamt of that angel again and she was calling me, Pakhi said but you promised you won’t leave me, okay if you going with angel take me as well and Bhola said deal.

Kulfi said I know my baba is somewhere else but don’t know where, I will find him for sure but how. Mohendar woke up hearing kulfi cry, walked to her and asked what’s wrong, Kulfi said I woke up and felt like Sikander is calling me and singing with me but it was a dream, Mohendar felt bad for her and said I know you miss the old days, so do I but just imagine Sikander himself must be missing his old days so much.

come let’s hear his old songs, Kulfi and Mohendar watched old Sikander and kulfi’s duets, Kulfi remembered an old episode and told how she went on a drive with Sikander when he was very happy to hear her sing and said I miss the old days. Mohender said it will take him time to recollect himself, he lost his voice but we have him that’s what important, Kulfi remembered how Sikander behaved and said I don’t feel good uncle, Mohendar said come let’s talk to Sikander you will feel good, Kulfi got scared and runs away.

Kulfi woke up and saw Sikander waiting for her, Sikander said good girl, come let’s begin practice, Kulfi said I can’t sing my throat is aching, Sikander walked to her and said you singers keep making excuses, Kulfi said you singers, Sikander said we singers, we make lot of excuses, we need to work hard come let’s go, Kulfi said I don’t want to go, Sikander started yelling at her and Kulfi said if I don’t go whole heartedly.

I won’t sing well so I don’t want to, Sikander started scolding her, everyone got scared seeing Sikander yell at Kulfi. Sikander said I will control your life now, not a single step without my permission get it, Mohendar tried to stop him but Sikander yelled at him too, started shattering things and left. Amyra got scared too. lovely and kulfi were in shock

Kulfi hurts her hand with a glass, Mohendar got first aid for her and said calm down Kulfi, Sikander will be fine, he is just angry with the situation, Gunjan said for a minute I thought it’s not sikander but someone else, Lovely thinks, bhabhi is right, sikander can never treat a child this way and she is kulfi. Sikander went to his room and said stupid, how could you behave like this and scold kulfi in front of everyone else, everyone would learn it’s not Sikander but Chandan.

After the accident Chandan pushed Sikander down the bridge, Chandan said Sikander died and you took his place and everyone thinks, even the police thinks that you are Sikander, on the accident spot the police found Chandana’s damaged body with Sikander’s wallet. Chandan said the police thought Chandan the thief died and not Sikander, not any mistake now. In the hospital Chandan gained consciousness and heard the police talk to him as Sikander Gill.

In the hospital, lovely rushed to Chandan and he thinks oh I’m unmarried but they calling such pretty girl my wife and call me Sikander, what all this, doesn’t she recognize her husband. Chandan looked at himself in the mirror and was excited, Lovely thinks, he is panicking and said Sikander, the doctor has given you your face back, just calm down, just get better and get home, we all are waiting for you.

Pre cap : Lovely talked to Kulfi and said Sikander is saved in a very critical condition even his face was damaged, the doctors used his old photos to reconstruct his face…Read more

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