How Chandan Impersonates Sikander. Little Singer Kulfi 1 March 2023, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 310


The episode started with Kulfi sharing her stress over Sikander’s changed conduct with Mohinder. Amyra lashed out at Kulfi for ruining Sikander’s state of mind.

Amyra blamed Kulfi for prompting Sikander and causing him to lose his temper. Lovely calmed down Amyra and Kulfi felt awful.

Some time back: Chandan found out about himself being mixed up as Sikander. He got impacted on finding out about the extravagance of Sikander.

Chandan choosed to carry on with Sikander’s life. He looked through the Internet to gather data about Sikander and his family.

He intended to win Lovely and Amyra’s trust with the goal that no one can question him. He attempted to fit into Sikander’s life by adapting each momental thing about Sikander.

Chandan decided to conciliate the slip-up he has made, he came to Kulfi and promised to behave well towards her.

Kulfi got terrified and stunned observing him. He said that it was all as a result of the meds and eventual outcomes of the mishap.

He blamed Kulfi for harming him by questioning him to be her dad. Kulfi conversed with herself and said that she is certain that he isn’t her dad.

Kulfi advised everything to her remand home companions. She said she didn’t feel anything when Sikander called her as his little girl.

The children encouraged Kulfi not to question Sikander and give him a shot. They encouraged her to look for a statement of regret from Sikander…Read more

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