Kulfi & Sikander To Sing On Stage. Little Singer Kulfi 1 November 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 137


The episode started with Kulfi asking Tevar if she can sing with Sikander, Tevar said if that gives you happiness,Kulfi said I will be very happy,Tevar said your happiness is mine so you can,Kulfi said thank you and hugged him.

Kulfi said let’s go Sikander sir think of a song. Sikander hugged Amyra and kulfi and said both my kids are with me and I’m very happy,Kulfi and Amyra kissed him,Sikander said thank you, come , let’s sing and they left.

Tevar was in tears said at least one look at me Kulfi, Kulfi turned around and looked him, he was in tears and thinks why is he in tears when he himself permitted me and she remembered everything Tevar did for her.

Kulfi saw Amyra and Sikander together,Amyra then went to hug lovely.sikander asked kulfi to step forward with him. Kulfi and Sikander got set to sing,Sikander said remember our song back,this is how we sing,Kulfi was just focusing on Tevar.

Kulfi looked at Sikander and said I am sorry, please understand me,Sikander said tell me what’s wrong,Kulfi run towards Tevar and held his hand,Tevar asked what’s wrong.

she took him along with her to the stage and said I want to sing but with my Baba, with Tevar sir,Sikander was in tears,Tevar was in tears too smiled at Kulfi,kulfi said Baba will you sing with me.

Tevar said call me Baba once again,kulfi said my Baba,Tevar kissed her and was very happy,Sikander became angry and left,Tevar said sing whichever song you want I will join you.

Kulfi sang her song,Sikander stopped and remembered singing that song with Kulfi,Tevar then rapped on kulfi’s song,Sikander started making calls.

Tevar and kulfi walked to Sikander singing. Kulfi said to Sikander you once said,I have to feel it right and today I felt the connection, he is my Baba,thank you. Tevar said love finds its path and this bond won’t break,Sikander then walked away.

Lovely thinks now Sikander has to back off. Kulfi said thank you God,today we and Amyra are friends and I called Tevar sir my Baba too,thank you and she prayed.

Kulfi saw boiled sweet potato and it reminded her of Nimrat and said God that must be your magic. Sikander was restless,Mohendar walked to him and said don’t give up,truth will find it’s way, Bebe walked to Sikander and said whatever the truth be,Tevar is working for his relation with kulfi.

he has done a lot for kulfi,he is waiting patiently for the bond to be strongest and he is proving to be a good dad which you couldn’t be for Amyra,

Precap ; Tevar said to Sikander my daughter has accepted me as her dad and tomorrow on visarjan get any proof you want she will choose me…Read more

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