Amyra Gives Kulfi Lovely’s Old Phone. Little Singer Kulfi 1 November 2022, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 138


The episode started with Bebe saying Sikander the truth is Tevar become a good father to kulfi which you couldn’t be for Amyra till date, if you love Kulfi and care for her then for your mother leave them alone,they love each other,Kulfi has accepted him as dad too and she left,Mohendar said Sikander, Bebe was just….,Sikander said don’t and left.

Tevar saw Sikander, walked to him and said I was looking for you,did you like me with my daughter, would you like to hear appreciation from my guru too, I tell you my daughter is…. Sikander said look we will talk later,Tevar said you said she is with me because you sent her to me but today we saw something else,Kulfi walked to me by her wish.

Amyra walked to kulfi and Kulfi said here try this,Amyra said eww I don’t like it,anyways come with me I will give you moms old phone so we can coordinate for practice. Sikander said Tevar, Kulfi is a kid and innocent, she thinks a star is her mother,she has a pure heart and one day I will get the truth ahead,Tevar said the day is tomorrow, get proofs,now take any day and get any proofs, she will choose me I bet and left.

Kulfi walked in with Amyra, stopped and said I can’t come in,Amyra asked why,Kulfi said Sikander sir has asked me not to,Amyra said don’t worry come in,Kulfi said I can’t,Amyra said look it’s already three legged race and anyways you stay here I will get the phone,Amyra found lovely’s old phone and gave it to Kulfi,Amyra saw kulfi in tears and asked what’s wrong,Kulfi said nothing, how do i use it.

Amyra explained to her and said good bye now,Kulfi got into the lift,Sikander called and Kulfi became scared, she said what is this,she picked the call and said anyone there Amyra,Sikander said I can’t hear you,Kulfi came out of lift and saw Sikander,the both looked at each other in tears,Kulfi then walked to him,kulfi said I went upstairs but didn’t go inside because you had asked not to,Sikander said you listen to everything I say.

Kulfi said yes but today I didn’t I am sorry,I wanted to sing with you but I saw Baba was feeling bad,he never said a word but he is very sad that I don’t call him Baba, Sikander said so for his happiness you didnt sing with me,Kulfi said yes,he is my Baba so I have to think of his happiness,you fine right,Sikander said yes,Kulfi said Baba must be waiting shall I go, Sikander said yes and she hugged him.

Tevar and kulfi were bursting crackers to celebrate their bond,Sikander started trying the phone,Sikander was in the balcony looking at them,Kulfi looked at Tevar’s face and thinks he is my Baba, look at the happiness on his face,Sikander was looking at them remembered Bebe’s words,he saw how happy Kulfi was and was in tears,he said is this the truth,Sikander Singh Gill isn’t a good father.

Amyra said mom if you fast how will we win,family number 1 game,Lovely said chill my girl, do you know why I am fasting, it’s for you, Sikander walked in and said if I play with you in family number 1 game,Amyra said we will loose then because you know nothing about me and I don’t want to loose,Sikander said okay he will cheer then and left,Amyra said thank God,Lovely thinks if you behave this way you won’t have kulfi nor Amyra.

Precap :
Amyra and kulfi were covered in blanket hiding and in garden, they saw each other and became scared…Read more

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