Kulfi Escapes To Mumbai To Look for Her Father. Little Singer Kulfi 10 August 2022, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 26



The Episode started with Sattu asking Kulfi to hide from everyone. Sikandar stopped Lovely from going. She became angry thinking about Kulfi. Nihalo checked a car to see if Kulfi was in it. Sitaram asked her not to get mad.

She said I will find Kulfi until I get her. The bus driver told Nihalo that Sattu is taking Kulfi to her dad and she became shocked. Sikandar asked Lovely to forgive him and give him a chance and everyone looked on. Lovely became angry on Amyra.

Sikandar said how will I live without Amyra, don’t take her away from me. Nihalo reached the railway station to stop Kulfi. Sattu and Kulfi then saw her. Lovely held Sikandar’s collar and asked his family why didn’t they stop Sikandar.

Sikandar asked Amyra to go in, Lovely said Amyra won’t go, she should see what her dad is doing and Amyra left. Lovely said you want to snatch Amyra from me and his mum scolded Lovely for her misbehavior.

Sikandar’s family supported him and Lovely clapped. She asked Sikandar to tell his family, he has a good image and she is a mean wife in their eyes. She said I am bad, not like your son, shall I tell them.

She threw things and Sikandar became tensed. Lovely said your son is a big liar, he married someone before marrying me and they became shocked. Lovely said he was blaming me about Nimrat, Nimrat is his first wife and she broke things angrily.

She said Sikandar has a daughter with Nimrat and she cried. Sattu and Kulfi hid from Nihalo. Sattu beard the pain when Nihalo stepped on his hand and they left. Lovely called Amyra there and took her. Sikandar held Amyra’s hand and signalled no but they left.

Sikandar’s mum felt dizzy. She cried and said I thought I gave good values to my children, Sikandar cheated two women and ruined their lives, he failed me, he didn’t think of Amyra, it’s good I got to know my son is so bad and Sikandar cried.

Sattu and Kulfi hid in the toilet while Nihalo looked for them everywhere. She entered the gents toilet and the men asked her to leave. Nihalo said I will catch them, Sitaram you go and check there. Sitaram asked the man about Kulfi but the man said I didn’t see her. Sattu said how can I get clothes for you. He saw some Sikh boys and got an idea.

He asked Kulfi to do what he says. Nihalo fell down and Sitaram asked her to get up. She asked him to find Kulfi. Sattu and Kulfi left. Sattu stole the boy’s bag. He boarded the train and gave a new look to Kulfi. He payed a beggar and took his blanket and he got saved from Nihalo. Kulfi came dressed as a boy and Sattu became stunned.

Kulfi collided with Nihalo and closed her eyes and Sattu became tensed…Read more