Little Singer Kulfi 10 January 2023, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 238


The Episode started with Amyra stopped breathing and everyone was in shock, Sikander asked what happened, the doctor said calm down, Sikander said wake up Amyra, I promise we will stay together, lovely we will stay together for our daughter no divorce, Lovely said shut up, she is my daughter we aren’t coming to you, Sikander said I beg you, don’t do this, Lovely said you are just scared that everyone will leave you, the doctor and the nurse scolded them to leave.

Lovely said Sikander you don’t keep promises, Amyra is unlucky to have you as a father and if something happens to her, even I will kill myself and you will be responsible for both of us, Sikander fell at her feet and said I will do whatever you say, Lovely said you will have to abandon Kulfi completely, will you be able to do it decide quickly.

Sikander said what games do you keep playing, both girls are mine, I can’t live without any of them, i can’t abandon kulfi, Kulfi heard them and said baba won’t abandon me and left, she said I can’t call him baba I agree but he won’t abandon me, me and Amyra will grow up together happily.

Lovely said to Sikander, you have to if you want Amyra. Kulfi prayed to god and said baba said he won’t abandon me, now please cure Amyra so we can go home, Kulfi heard a boy cry in fear of losing his mother, Kulfi said she won’t go, believe in yourself. Sikander said I made a promise to kulfi.

lovely said you will loose Amyra then, send kulfi to a boarding school and be with her, look this is India’s best boarding school, Sikander said you have planned so much, lovely said someone has to, Sikander said what are you saying, I can’t live without her, Lovely said Amyra will die without you and if you want her you have to send Kulfi away.

Sikander missed Amyra and spending time with her, he walked away heart broken. Kulfi talked to the little boy and motivated him, she asked him to believe that his mom will be fine, like I believe me, Amyra and Sikander will stay together. Sikander walked to a darga thinking about kulfi and Amyra, he then walked on a lighted coal.

Lovely was waiting for sikander. Sikander broke down and baba handed him Kulfi. Lovely said I am sorry Amyra we lost, I tried hard but we lost your dad, I am so sorry, your dad didn’t return, Lovely removed the poison from her purse and said baby I am tired of fighting, now I want to sleep beside you forever in peace.

Lovely opened both bottles and said baby I promised I won’t leave you alone, I will be by your side,I love you baby, Amyra said mom, Lovely removed her oxygen mask and heard music, Sikander entered singing song.

Amyra opened her eyes and Lovely started crying, Amyra said dad, Sikander hugged Amyra and she held his hand, Sikander said my princess, Amyra asked you won’t leave me right, Sikander said I will die without you, never, Lovely asked did you make a decision.

(Sikander said baba why this, Baba said take it what god is offering you now because what was yours will always be yours. )

Lovely asked Sikander what decision he made, Sikander said I will abandon kulfi and be with Amyra and Kulfi heard it, Sikander said, I won’t talk to Kulfi I promise but I need some time so I can send her to boarding school, Lovely said okay. kulfi broke down hearing it.

Precap : Kulfi said why is my father sending me away, if your my mother come save me, I am standing in the middle of the road, come save me…Read more

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