Kulfi Helps To Bring Back Sikander’s Memory. Little Singer Kulfi 10 March 2023, Friday Pt1: Episode 323


The episode started with Mohendar stopping Chandan and said I have recorded this song, if you like please publish it, we will earn some money, Chandan said sure I will. Chandan called Pakya and asked did he find anything, keep an eye on Kulfi, she and Amyra will be going to karate class. Amyra and kulfi were on their way to class, Kulfi saw her friends, rocket pointed at gotya and Amyra left.

Chittu walked to gotya and started yelling as if he is kidnapping him and crowd gathered and Kulfi escaped. She saw Bhola playing alone, Bhola saw her and turned around, Kulfi said baba please come to me, bhola imagined her has a witch and shouted stay away, Pakhi told me,you are witch, don’t come near me.

Kulfi said you are my father and I am your Kulfi, Pakhi runs in and said go away, Bhola said I am just pakhi’s father and they both went in. Rocket said come Kulfi let’s go, it’s risky, Pakya and gotya must be here somewhere.

Nandini went in the ward lovely asked her to and asked about the the patient, the patient held Nandini’s hand and said Chandan are you back. Zinda slowly shifted the wallets and the crowd blamed Pakya for theft.

Kulfi and her friends came to the conclusion that may be like in the movies, even Sikander might have lost memory so they will help him recollect it. Kulfi as sardarji and her friends walked to bhola, Kulfi said we are kids from remand home, we entertain people with our music, Pakhi said don’t let them in, mom will scold you, Bhola said don’t worry we will fight if something goes wrong and asked them to play. Bansi handed Bhola his instrument, Bhola played it and they all applauded for him. Kulfi asked you like singing, Bhola said yes even my Guruji likes it.

Nandini told Lovely that patient is having dementia but she spoke about Chandan, think twice before you took any step. Chandan scolded gotya and Pakya and asked them to go look after kulfi.
Kulfi started singing and Bhola joined her, they both sang together, bhola held Kulfi’s hand and Kulfi wiped his tears. The all applauded for them.

Lovely went to the bedroom and saw Chandan’s mobile,she picked it up and saw calls and said whose unknown number is this, she saved it and left. Pakhi said well sung kulfi, Kulfi said thank you pakhi, Pakhi said papa she is a witch and these are her friends and bhola became scared. Pakhi said she will take you away, Kulfi saw her bracelet in his hand and said look I had given you this on your birthday, bhola said Pakhi is mine, I don’t know you, Kulfi said you remember calling me angel and you remember all our songs, try remembering baba. Amyra came out of the class.

Bhola said I am pakhi’s father, Pakhi said get out this is my house, rocket said let’s go now, karate class may get over soon,Kulfi said how shall I convince him.

Pre cap : Amyra said mom I have to make a photo collage and Kulfi said this is a good idea…Read more

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