Sikander Kidnaps Jimmy’s Son. Little Singer Kulfi 10 May 2023, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 409


The episode began with Kulfi taking care of Sikander and Sikander left the room. He recalled meeting Jimmy and Jimmy telling him, he had been freed from all accusations and now he will make his life hell.

Jimmy’s men came to the chawl and threatened the other tenants that, if they don’t throw Sikander and his daughters out, they will have to bare lot of consequences but the people in the Chawl refused and slowly their electricity and water was cut, they were threatened that will continue if Sikander isn’t thrown out of there.

Kulfi saw Sikander walking out with a bag and thinks, where is Baba going so late and she followed him. Sikander said, Jimmy you have turned me into an animal but I have to do this for my daughters and my people. Raju asked kulfi, what are you doing here so late? Kulfi replied, I thought Baba was here.

Raju said, no he isn’t, he must have gone somewhere else and he left with Kulfi. Sikander wore his mask and walked inside a warehouse to a tie a boy up and said eat this. The boy said, sir Jimmy Gandhar is my father, he will pay you as much as you want, please leave me. While then, Jimmy begged the police to get his son back.

Jimmy’s son begged Sikander to leave him but Sikander said, you are here all because of your father, just shut up and eat. Police told Jimmy, agree to kidnapper’s demands and we will try to find clues out of it and get to him.

Sikander called Jimmy and said, listen carefully, if you want your son alive, start returning to people the wrong you have done, give back what was there’s or else he won’t be alive. Jimmy’s son said, my parents must be worried and tensed, let me go. Sikander said, it because of your father’s deeds that you are here, just shut up, he closed his mouth and left. Jimmy said, I will manage things the Amy crocked ways now.

Raju met Sikander and said, you are doing this for the society and your daughters, you need courage for this, I am always with you, don’t worry and they locked the warehouse.

Sikander woke up and saw the girls weren’t around him. Kulfi and Amyra walked in and greeted him. Amyra asked, when will we have electricity back? Sikander replied soon. He then checked his bottle and asked, where is the water in this? Kulfi replied, I threw it away, it was smelling, Is there anything else? Sikander said, no there’s nothing, I will be right back and he left. Kulfi became surprised by his behavior.

Sikander rushed out. Himmat was guiding the women on what to cook, the goons walked in and spilled the water. Himmat and Shanta tai scolded them, they went into each house and started throwing things out, shattering the whole chawl. Sikander filled his bottle with water, added a tablet into it and drank it. The Kids and women became scared.

Sikander remembered a scenario where Himmat called all the society members as her family and introduced them to a builder who was willing to pay 50 crore and will give each one a house and 2 crore each but, on the condition, that Sikander is thrown out.

Precap : Kulfi got into an argument with the goons and said, let me show you whole community so you see Jimmy’s son is nowhere here…Read more

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