Trouble As Kulfi Mentions Her Mother. Little Singer Kulfi 10 November 2022, Thursday Pt2: Episode 153


The episode started with the Waiter handing the bill to Balu,he tried to escape but the waiters grabbed him,Sikander Tevar and the kids teased him and left Tevar said it was a great idea, Sikander said the idea was inspired from a movie, Amyra said you are very naughty,Kulfi asked Tevar was he naughty too.

Tevar said no, he was at every studious and wanted to be engineer,Amyra asked how come engineer,Tevar said my daughters mom loved money and so to earn I turned to music,Kulfi said not possible,are you really talking about my mom,Sikander thinks, I need to divert the topic,
and said it’s father-daughter day and so no mother talk.

Lovely reached the dhaba and asked the waiter where they are,the waiter said first pay the money,lovely handed him money and said here now tell me,the waiter said this isn’t enough,lovely handed him a ring and said speak now,he said they are on thier way to kulaleshwar. Tevar, Sikander and the kids were having fun,Amyra said it’s so cool here,unforgettable trip,Kulfi said very beautiful.

Sikander said it’s just the beginning now we are friends right. Lovely missed her cab and am left with no money. Amyra and kulfi were playing freebie,Kulfi was getting confused but Sikander helped her,Amyra became angry and Sikander looked at her. Lovely took lift from a man on a bike and he was irritating her. The bike broke down and the man became emotional about his bike. Amyra asked, dad why did you help her,Sikander said I will play too, me and Kulfi are a team, Amyra asked and me alone? Tevar jumped in and said that’s not possible,I am here.

Lovely reached the picnic venue and saw them playing, Amyra said wow Tevar, you are better than my dad, Amyra then hurts herself, Sikander and Tevar rushed to her,lovely looked at Amyra and said she is turning to be just like Kulfi, what’s wrong with my baby. Tevar said I got defeated for my baby, nothing else,Sikander said oh come on,Tevar said Amyra never likes to loose so I had to say we won,Sikander thinks she is just like you,now I know who she got this from,Tevar made noodles for Amyra and Sikander made sweet potato for kulfi. Lovely said what are you sikander, you have no issues with your wife’s ex boyfriend.

Two girls came on a bike,they got excited to see Tevar and Sikander and went to hug them,and started taking selfies, Amyra and kulfi found it odd, Kulfi said oh look the sweet potatoes and the noodles are burning,the girls offer them sandwiches and tea. Sikander and Tevar thanked them, the girls said it’s a dream to have lunch date with you, Amyra said it’s dad- daughter date, the girls said oh you are very cute, what will we have in return.

Amyra and kulfi offered toys,the girls said you are very cute shall we join you and have a party and some dance, Amyra said done and started dancing with Tevar,Sikander watched them dance and was in tears, Kulfi held Sikander’s hand and started dancing,Sikander was watching amyra and feeling bad, lovely was keeping an eye on them. The girls joined them to dance, lovely said what do they think of themselves.

Amyra and kulfi were jealous seeing them enjoy with the girls, Kulfi said forget them, let’s go rest, Amyra and kulfi were chatting and Amyra taught her how to write,Kulfi asked her to teach her how to write Sikander, Nimrat and Tevar. Lovely looked at Sikander and said so busy with girls, he has no idea where Amyra is. Kulfi wrote Sikander, Tevar Nimrat, Kulfi said wait, I have seen these names somewhere and remembered the paper.

Precap ;
A girl found it and read kulfi isn’t tevars daughter but Sikander. Kulfi heard it and said read it again please, this can’t happen…Read more

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