Will Sikander Go To Kulfi’s Village? Little Singer Kulfi 10 October 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 111


The episode started with Sikander explaining to Amyra and Kulfi the importance of Independence day, he showed them pictures of heroes who fought for freedom and how they protested,Amyra was feeling sleepy and fell asleep but Kulfi was very excited, Sikander said go to sleep now, tomorrow we will hear the remaining story,Kulfi said Sikander sir loves Amyra so much,and tomorrow when we will go Chiroli and meet mama,i will know who my father is.

Kulfi said tomorrow i will see my village and mama and she fell asleep, Kulfi dreamt of Setu handcuffed to a tree and rushed to him,Nihalo dressed as a Britisher and came to stand in between,Bholi took a stand for Kulfi and Niahlo scolded her,Kulfi then sang sing representing freedom.
Kulfi woke up scared and said God, mami must be so angry since i left the place, thank god i have Sikander sir with me.

Sikander took bebes blessings and said pray for us,Kulfi said it’s unbelievable you will be coming with me,it will be fun,Lalwani walked in and said you are leaving, who will do the rehearsals,do your personal work later, Sikander said i have to go, Lovely said Sikander your work is your workshop, how can you be so negligible,they all convinced him including Kulfi,Kulfi said Chiroli isn’t going anywhere, so we will go after the concert and Lalwani left.

Lovely then followed Lalwani, Sikander thinks kulfi is doing so much for Amyra and i couldn’t complete one promise. Lalwani said Sikanders success is because of you, it good you called me,now he will stay and focus on the concert.

Amyra said guys i can’t sing in the school function, Rohan said come on Amyra, we will win first price, we helped you too,Amyra said that brought them more close and i lost all my gadgets so no more mistakes and this show is very important for me, my biggest dream is to sing with dad,Kulfi run in and Amyra said don’t you have manners to knock and get in,Rohan made fun of her and called her a cheat and a liar.

Tevar said to registrar that he needs help and it’s urgent,he said i will call you when i get the documents you need.Amyra and her friends were teasing Kulfi,she shouted inqalab zindabad and run to Sikander, Sikander asked what’s wrong, Kulfi said nothing, let’s rehearse, Sikander said Kulfi fighting your fear is also freedom and you have to fight on your own so go, Kulfi said Amyra and her friends were right but the way they did was so bad,i know i am an illiterate but i want to learn.

Sikander said i will teach you,i will admit you in a reputed school and help you with English, Kulfi said my mama said my baba will send me to school so why will you, Sikander said you will forget me when you have your baba,Kulfi said never, Sikander said you will go away from me,Kulfi said ma said my baba stays in Mumbai so we will keep seeing for each other and they both were in tears,Kulfi said don’t cry i don’t like it, i will never forget you and hugged him, Sikander said me too.

Pre cap :
Sikander scolded Amyra for not focusing and forgetting the lyrics. Tevar caught Lovely burning the proofs…Read more

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