Kulfi Is All Set For Mumbai. Little Singer Kulfi 11 August 2022, Thursday Pt1: Episode 27



The Episode started with Nihalo colliding with Kulfi but she didn’t identify her and left and Sattu became relieved. Nihalo heard Kulfi and came back and asked did you call me Mami. Amyra refused to have food and Lovely’s mum asked what happened, this is your house too but Amyra said it’s not my house.

Lovely asked her to behave herself, it’s her dad’s house. Amyra said no, it’s not my dad’s house, why did you get me here, why did you fight with dad. Lovely said I am your mom, I will decide what to tell you. Amyra said you have to say it. Lovely lifted her and took her to the room and locked her.

Amyra asked her to open the door. Lovely opened the door and asked Amyra to decide if she will stay with mom or dad. Kulfi lied to Nihalo and Sitaram took Nihalo. Sattu said don’t open the turban until you meet your dad, you must live as a boy now.

Amyra said I want both mom and dad, I can’t choose one of you. Lovely said no, you have to decide, whom do you want, mom or dad. She went and cried. Sattu said you got saved, you won’t change your get up. Kulfi said I don’t want to become a boy, boys are dirty, I am a beautiful girl.

He said you have to become a boy, no one should know your name Kulfi. He saw sweets shop and said your name will be Barfi but Kulfi refused to change her name and shouted. Nihalo heard her voice and said she is around, I will find her. Sattu said you won’t tell your details to anyone, swear on your mom. Kulfi swore and said I don’t even know my dad’s name.

Amyra thinks of Sikandar and Lovely. She then run to Lovely and hugged her. Lovely said you need to be careful, we are one team, no one will take care of us. Amyra asked who will take care of us and dad. Lovely said mom will never leave you, I promise and Amyra hugged her.

Sattu said once we reach Mumbai, we will meet your dad, you will live with him, he will educate you, you will become a big personality, you can get rid of all your problems if you study hard and Kulfi hugged Sattu. He said stay here, I will get food and water. She said come back soon, he said I will come soon and left. Nihalo looked at her but she hid. Nihalo kept staring at her.

Sikandar was singing and cried. His brother came and sang along and he held Sikandar. Sikandar said don’t console me today, you always supported me, I have hurt you all. His brother said yes, but I don’t know why, you loved Nimrat, then why did you…..

Sikandar said because I wanted all this, I wanted to become a big man, I understood you all are making many sacrifices for me, you put your entire life at stake for me, I forgot my love to buy happiness for you all, it was a deal of loss for me, I lost everything, I couldn’t become a good husband, good father and a good son and he cried.

His brother said you are my brother, you aren’t bad, family leaves one’s side, you may make mistakes, but you can do anything to fix it, won’t you try to fix this. Sikandar asked you have faith in me, his brother said yes, more than myself. Sikandar said I will convince Lovely and get Amyra back and they hugged.

Sitaram said there is no one here, Nihalo went and the train left. Kulfi asked Sattu to hurry up. Sattu asked her not to worry, he will come. He tried to board the train, Nihalo saw him and became shocked. She threw a stick and it hits Sattu. He fell down and saw the train leaving and shouted Kulfi.

Sattu said Kulfi is in the train and run to catch the train…Read more