Kulfi Spies On Sikander. Little Singer Kulfi 11 May 2023, Thursday Pt2: Episode 411


The episode began with Kulfi asking Amyra, did baba ever swear on himself? Amyra replied, he only does so when he has to lie. Kulfi thinks, what is he hiding and remembered she saw Sikander going to warehouse and walked that way. Sikander slapped Jimmy’s son but fainted again, Jimmy’s son took advantage of the situation and was about to run when Kulfi walked in and asked, who is there, I know someone is hiding.

Sikander gained consciousness and got hold of Jimmy’s son, tied him and warned him that if he attempts to again to escape, he will kill him. He heard kulfi’s voice and walked to her asking, what are you doing? Kulfi replied, I saw someone and he ran inside. Sikander said, someone might be here playing. Kulfi asked, why are you here? Sikander replied, I am working, go I will join you soon.

Sikander called Jimmy and threatened him and Jimmy said, you don’t know my power. Sikander said, you will lose your son if I don’t get news that you have started returning the things you snatched, I will kill your son. Jimmy and the police got information from the people who have accused Jimmy of snatching everything. Jimmy said, we will go in the order of paying less money. Sikander stands at the highest.

if the kidnapper still calls after first payment, we will slowly eliminate the others, Sikander will be last, if we are sure it’s him, I won’t spare him. Sikander had the same list and said, I know how you will work but my planning is full proof and will make you return everyone’s everything.

He prayed to god and said, how do you feel seeing me in so many troubles, I prayed to you with full devotion, my girls did too, I did wrong but I regretted and repented too but you are spoiling me and my kids life, you decided to kill me, now you must be very happy.

you don’t allow good people live and corrupt people are rather living so happily, all my people in the chawl are good people but they are living in hardship yet Jimmy is living happily, you made me turn into a kidnapper, I am treating that poor 16 year old so badly, even after being a father.

Kulfi asked Matka, what was he doing inside and Matka replied, don’t tell Himmat,if she finds out I entered the tank to get the ball she will scold me. Kulfi said, I am asking what were you doing in the warehouse? Matka responded, I wasn’t there. Kulfi told everyone that she saw someone but they all thought Kulfi was playing a prank on them and didn’t take her seriously.

Sikander was kidnapped by Babar and he asked, you were underground, how did you come out? Babar replied, Jimmy gazdar’s son Fateh is missing, are you behind it. Sikander asked, why did you turn don and how did you feel when you first committed a crime? Babar responded, you are scaring me but you are my friend and I am concerned. Sikander said, I need a favor.

Kulfi got her bag packs and books and she heard some noise. Fateh started shouting for help and Kulfi was hearing the noise in her room, through the tap. She heard the noise outside and rushed out, she saw the kids excited and a man said, Sikander has sent water for the whole chawl.

The chawl people were very happy and called Chawla hero. Kulfi got water to the room, she saw turbulence in water, that was due to Fateh badly kicking the partition, Kulfi was confused.

Amyra walked in and said, it’s time for a long bath, I know, not too long though, I mean I am happy we have water. Kulfi told her about all what she saw and Amyra asked, are there rats from the warehouse connected to our room? Kulfi then figured out there is surely someone surely in the there.

She went to the boys and said, there is someone surely in the warehouse, we have to go check. The boys didn’t take her seriously and went to play and she said, this means I have to go alone and walked to the warehouse. Fateh heard the footsteps and thinks, the kidnapper is back. Kulfi saw a shadow behind a door and opened the door. Fateh said, please leave me alone, don’t kill me and Kulfi was shocked to see him.

Raju mummy handed Sikander many mobile phones and Sikander said, the road ahead is not easy, you are with me right, I hope you understand, I lost everything, I am doing it for my girls, I want to set a future for my girls before I go. Raju mummy said, I am with you and remember nothing will happen to you.

Kulfi asked Fateh, who tied you here, don’t be scared I will help you. Fateh responded, kidnapper got me here, he was wearing a mask, he is very dangerous. Kulfi said, I will tell everyone that our warehouse is being used for the wrong purpose but Fateh said, he will kill me don’t tell anyone, don’t rescue me.

Precap : Sikander threatened Fateh and was about to hit him when Kulfi shouted…Read more

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