Kulfi Learns Her Father’s Truth. Little Singer Kulfi 11 November 2022, Friday Pt2: Episode 155


The episode started with everyone getting home,Amyra said I don’t want to go home,Sikander smiled and said bye to Tevar,Tevar waved to Amyra,Kulfi was lost and she run away,Tevar said what’s wrong with her and followed her,Kulfi took the diary and tried to recall things,Tevar walked in and Kulfi hid the diary,Tevar asked what’s wrong.

Kulfi run into bathroom and said I wanted to go in,she started crying inside. Lovely walked to Amyra and Sikander and asked where were you and didn’t inform me too,Amyra said dad surprised me,let me give you all the details,Sikander said Amyra first go to sleep,you need rest,Amyra said okay mom later and left.

Kulfi was crying in the bathroom and thinking about the truth,she said I have to find the truth, I can’t sit here and cry and she walked out,she saw Tevar fall asleep waiting for her,Sikander and Amyra fell asleep too,Jonny walked in and woke Sikander,Jonny then tried to take Sikander along with him,Sikander followed him,he then saw kulfi,Kulfi was crying said come downstairs, it’s important. Tevar woke up and found out kulfi was missing, he asked akad bakad to start looking for her and he saw lovely,lovely said I need to talk to you, it’s important,Tevar said please leave me alone but Lovely said it’s about kulfi.

Kulfi asked Sikander to promise her and not lie,Sikander saw her restless and promised her,Kulfi asked him to read the paper, Sikander just read, kulfi isn’t tevars daughter and asked who wrote this, see listen to me my child, Kulfi said I want just the truth,she said the diary, the locket, it’s Tevar but he has all the wrong details about my father why is that,Kulfi asked Sikander to swear on her and tell the truth. Sikander remembered what Setu told him and said no Tevar isn’t your dad.

Sikander tried to console kulfi but she didn’t listen and remembered how Tevar was always there for her, Sikander said listen to me, he isn’t your Baba but he loves you a lot,Kulfi said you lied to me,I trusted you the most,why did you lie to me,it’s wrong,

Lovely asked why are you spending time with my husband,what are your motives,Tevar said I don’t have time for all this,lovely said Guddu please,Tevar said madam, please I don’t have time for all this,I am very happy with my daughter and I respect your husband a lot so please leave. Kulfi said you elders do what you do.

I trust you but look what you did,you call me princess I am not,princess are just in stories,the truth never can be hidden,I trusted you more than I trust my mother, why did you do this to me,you had my mothers diary, you read it wrong,Sikander thinks how shall I tell you it’s lovely who was playing with our lives.

Lovely said Tevar you lying right,because if you respected Sikander, you wouldn’t be here with Kulfi,because you are here for me,waiting for me,so that Sikander leaves me and I run to you right, that’s what you want,do whatever you want. Tevar said what else can i expect from you,you couldn’t be for your daughter,I am sorry for Amyra, how will you raise her, I am saying you dare hurt Amyra and about kulfi don’t dare suggest or say a word, my daughter has her best friend and Sikander sir here and so she won’t leave this place,if you have problem,then you can leave.

Sikander said kulfi,when Amyra was a kid,whenever she fell, you know what I use to tell her so that she never cries,I tell her an ant died and that was lie so that she never cries, so understand my part kiddo,i truly love you,i never forced you and you love him too, your hearts are connected too so now take it like he is your father ,Kulfi said it’s not a part to consider that today him and tomorrow someone else,father is father and the truth is he isn’t my father and if he isn’t then who is my father.

Lovely said Tevar, if my family has any effect due to your presence,I won’t leave you,a mother’s curse it is,if my Amyra has any problem because of you,you and kulfi will never be happy,Tevar said to curse, you need to be a good person but you aren’t,I loved you once and so i have forgiven you before but not now,it’s my daughter and now listen to my curse, the way you left my daughter alone in this world so will be your family.

Kulfi asked Sikander why did he lie to her,Sikander said please forgive me,I made a huge mistake,Kulfi said you did this on a purpose so it’s not a mistake, tell me why did you do this,tell me the truth who is my father,Sikander said you took him as your father right,Kulfi said I did that because you said so,you call me your daughter right but I am not, Amyra is, similarly somebody must be my father too.

Pre cap: Kulfi called Tevar sir, Tevar said why call me sir, I am your father, did I do something wrong?…Read more

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