Is Kulfi Truly Tevar’s Daughter? Little Singer Kulfi 11 October 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 113


The episode started with Kulfi praying to God saying, ma told me in a dream that i am near my father but haven’t recognised him,i hope i find him, Sikander asked what are you asking for,Kulfi asked why did you take in alcohol and ma told me my father is a singer and so i hope to find him here, Sikander said don’t worry once we finish here, we will leave for Chiroli and see your mama,just get away from me and this drama.

Amyra asked the makeup artist to call her mother, Sikander saw Amyra and remembered how Amyra was getting jealous and making mistakes and started drinking. Tevar reached Chiroli and saw Nihalo, Kulfi saw Sikander upset and said how will he sing now.

God please help him, he looks very weird and i also heard from the elders that his work isn’t doing good so please help him today focus just on him, Sikander thinks first I didn’t look after my daughter and now for her happiness I am cheating on Kulfi,i have to make a choice today.

Minti said my fiance Tevar will also perform today, Lovely said did he arrive,Minti said how did you find out that i am worried about it,anyways he will be here on time. Bebe asked lovely why did she leave Sikander alone, Lovely said because he needs time alone. A group of kids and guys began their performance and sang a patriotic song,Kulfi watched them in awe.

Tevar saw Nihalo and asked her to tell him everything about Kulfi.Minti was worried about Tevar, Lovely asked Minti did Tevar call you,did he arrive,Minti said he didn’t but why are you so worried,Lovely said for you baby,you will be insulted too if he doesn’t come.

Nihalo said this is how Kulfi went to Mumbai,Tevar said so Kulfi was Nimrat’s daughter. Lalwani was tensed when Tevar was not answering his calls, Sikander was drinking and said you are paid because you are performing with your daughter and if you mess up,i shall finish you and your daughter’s career, he became angry and went to the dressing room and said i have to teach Amyra what’s wrong and right.

Sikander said Amyra, do you really think i don’t love you? He hugged her and said i love you a lot,i ignored you,Amyra was in tears and said you are spoiling my makeup too, Sikander said trust me,Amyra said no you always say this and take Kulfi’s side.

Nihalo said off course i am sure, she is Nimrats daughter.Sikander said but i dont want to hurt you,Amyra said but you always do things that prove you love her more, Sikander said yes i do but you are my princess and my daughter,Kulfi heard that and said why am am i in tears, he is right, my father will love me.Tevar said, again a lie,.

Amyra said all i know kulfi has taken you away from me, Sikander said no dear,Amyra said prove it then,Kulfi saw all that and started crying, Sikander saw her and was about to walk to her but Amyra held his hand. Kulfi saw on TV that Sunidhi is going to sing and said oh i love her,i can’t believe,i am seeing her live. Sikander thinks if i ask Kulfi not to sing she will never trust me again

Pre cap: Lovely walked in and said Tevar isn’t here and so you will perform next, Amyra get ready
Tevar said Kulfi i am coming to take you…Read more

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