Kulfi Fires Sikander For His Kidnapping. Little Singer Kulfi 12 April 2023, Friday Pt2: Episode 413


The episode began with Sikander warning Kulfi not to help Fateh. Kulfi said, I will fight you because you are wrong, this is not done, I am releasing Fateh and that’s it. She was walking away when Sikander picked her and got her back in. Amyra and her friends saw it. Amyra said, don’t worry, nothing can create problems between them, it’s just a5 minutes issue and they will resolve it, they are inseparable.

Sikander said, princess I am not the hero you found but that doesn’t change the fact that I am your baba, I have to do few things so do as I say and let me do mine, swallow this these things, situations change and so do people, so has your father. Kulfi was shocked to see Sikander’s reaction. Sikander said, I don’t want to be the best.

Kulfi looked at Sikander places her hand on his heart and she said, I know you very well, it’s not you whom I saw in the warehouse, you are lying, you are hiding something, just return me my baba and she hugged him. Amyra was asleep with Shanta tai and the others.

Kulfi was siting with Sikander and said, when David kidnapped me and Amyra was kidnapped you were so much worried, so why behave with Fateh this way, just forget Jimmy, just because he did this to us doesn’t mean we need to do same too, we don’t want anything from him.

Sikander said, you don’t understand few things, you must be feeling bad and angry right, but one day all your questions will be answered but till you will have to do as I say, even if you like it or not. Kulfi said, you are my hero, why be a villain. Sikander responded, have you seen rose, it’s so pretty but has right, there are villains that save the rose, the situation is the same with us, everyone is a villain is someone’s story but hero in their own.

Kulfi thinks, Sikander is surely doing all this because there is a hidden agenda and she will find it out. She started looking for clues in the room. Jimmy scolded the police and said, I won’t spare anyone from here if you don’t find my son.

The inspector said, sir we are working hard, we are trying. Jimmy found finger in his water and thinks it is Fateh’s, he panicked and asked everyone to go look in the whole office, the kidnapper is around.
Amyra saw Kulfi has messed the whole house and Kulfi said, stay where you are, I will talk to you soon.

Amyra said, just tell me what is wrong, I want to know. Kulfi said, look into the whole house Amyra, something that is very unusual. Amyra was surprised with Kulfi’s behavior. Kulfi run to Fateh but Fateh asked her to go away, he is very dangerous. Kulfi said, be quite just and tell me why you were kidnapped. Fateh said, I don’t know, the only thing I know is that I was kidnapped because of my dad.

look I don’t know, you just go or else we both will be in danger, he will kill me and my parents, what was my mistake, I was so happy, was going to my mom but that man and the auto driver caught me and got me here. Kulfi realized Raju was behind it all as well. Fateh said, they kidnapped me Infront of my own house and Kulfi remembered the day when Raju and Sikander left to meet Jimmy and how Raju always saved Sikander.

Precap: Amyra showed the medicine to the kids and Raju mummy. They asked a doctor what it was, upon hearing about it, Kulfi and Amyra collapsed….Read more

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