Kulfi Escapes From Bad Man. Little Singer Kulfi 12 August 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 29



The Episode started with Kulfi saying it’s my ticket. The man argued with her and said where is your uncle, the conductor won’t believe you and took back the ticket. Kulfi sat there and said where is Mama, I am lonely. Lovely asked why did you stop me, Sikandar has hidden his first wife and daughter from me.

Her mum said just think for once, why did Sikandar hide them from you, he had a new life with you, you think you can punish him by keeping Amyra, you are wrong, this won’t happen, calm down and take a decision and she left

Lovely called her dad and said I need to talk to you, it’s about Sikandar. Kulfi got to Mumbai. The man said your uncle won’t come. Kulfi said no, my uncle will come, he never breaks his promise, you go, I will wait for him here, the man went and Kulfi sat back.

Someone asked him what is she doing here, Mumbai police will come here, not her uncle. She thinks, uncle told me I have to hide from police, I have to run. She got down the train and became scared, she said,this is a big city. The same man scared her with the conductor and offered to her help. She asked him to save her.

He asked her to sit inside the bag and she sat inside. He called someone and said I got a kid with difficulty, I am bringing the kid along. She thinks he is talking about me, she shouted for help and the man placed the sack down.

She run away,he followed her and became tired. She went out and saw the huge city. She became amazed and said why did Sattu not catch the train, how will I reach dad now, I don’t know anyone.

Sikandar saw his fan mails and said so much love and prayers. He read the cards, letters and said they want to hear me, what does I want more. The man said, Lovely often threws the cards away. Sikandar asked him to keep it.

Kulfi saw the big buses and some kids sitting by roadside. The boys asked, why are you staring at us. She asked what are you saying. The boys laughed hearing her and she said my uncle and I will find my dad and they joked at her.

She said someone was kidnapping me, but I fooled him, what shall I find here, station, uncle or dad. The boy said we will pray that you get your dad. She asked where are they going, I am hungry. They asked her to come along and have food, they will drop her at the station.

She said really, you are really good and she run with them. Sikandar met Lovely’s dad and brougt some divorce papers. He said I did a big mistake and want to rectify it.

Lovely’s dad said now you won’t be able to see Lovely or Amyra, I told you my daughter should never cry, sign the divorce papers and send it to me. Sikandar said you are a big businessman, you got a deal to break the marriage, I am not a father like you, I will rectify my mistake, Amyra will get a mum and dad’s love.

I don’t want to snatch Amyra, I don’t want to sign. Lovely’s dad, Tony Chadda threatened to ruin him. Sikandar said do anything you want, I will not fall weak now. Kulfi ate the snacks and made new friends.

She enjoyed with him and danced on the beach. They all sat and she said I don’t know any address of my dad. The boy said your uncle fooled you. She said mum will show me some way to meet dad, mum is always with me.

Amyra said I wish I chose my dad instead you. Kulfi came to Dargah to pray, Sikandar was also around. They were praying and Kulfi saw him…Read more