Kulfi Sees Sikander In Mumbai. Little Singer Kulfi 12 August 2022, Friday Pt2: Episode 30



The episode started with Sikander angrily playing his guitar due to the trauma going on in his mind. Sikander’s elder brother felt pity for him but his mother stopped him as Sikander was at fault this time.

Kulfi spent the whole day having fun with the boys. But they told her it evening, if they don’t report to their father he will thrash them a lot. Kulfi remembered her aunty Nihalo’s tyranny on her and told them to go and she will ask somebody else for help.

Lovely’s mom scolded her for calling her father. She tried to explain to Lovely that, life without a husband is nothing. Husband always has his share of enjoyment and wife is helpless. She said she too never had a happy married life but only pretended and asked Lovely to show the same thing to Amrya.

Kulfi went to Haji Ali Dargah where Sikander also turned up to pray for his daughter. Kulfi also got the rose flower which Baba liked and surrendered it to his feet. Sikander also surrendered his share of offerings. He sung with a singing group. Kulfi came out satisfied but while listening to the song, her stomach started paining her. She was reluctant to sing because her mother didn’t like it.

Kulfi eventually sings a duet with Sikander but he was unable to see her. People clapped and she finally saw Sikander, at that moment she remembered her uncle had asked for Sikander Singh Gill’s address so only he can help search for her father as her mother had once told her he is a very big singer so Sikander might know him.

Kulfi shouted Sikander’s name when the stranger came and stood in front of her angrily. Sikander was unable to see who called him…Read more