Will Sikander Divorce Lovely? Little Singer Kulfi 12 December 2022, Monday Pt2: Episode 196


The episode started with Sikander getting into the lift and went to chadda’s house, but before he rang the bell,Lovely opened the door hoping for him, Sikander saw Amyra and rushed to her and hugged her,Sikander asked, amyra get ready for school. Lovely was in tears watching them,Kulfi was waiting for Amyra at the door. Amyra became angry, she left sikander’s hand and rushed to lovely.

Kulfi saw Sikander missing Amyra and lovely. lovely was also missing Sikander. Mohendar and Gunjan were waiting to go the blood donation camp, Sikander said I will join too, gunjan said are you sure you want to join, Lovely and her family will be there too, you may find it awkward. Mohendar said there’s nothing to be embarrassed about.

Kulfi asked where are you all going, Sikander said let’s go. Lovely said I don’t wish to go, Tony said stop behaving this way, this is good opportunity to make an image so let’s go, Lovely said I get your point but leave me alone, Amyra heard all this and got upset.

Kulfi said to Sikander,everyone is so happy donating, Sikander said it is a happy task, because they will be saving someone’s life, Kulfi said like you did to m. Sikander looked around for Amyra and lovely. Kulfi asked you all do it every year? Sikander said yes everyone.

Kulfi said but I don’t see Amyra and lovely, gunjan said I don’t think they will come, Sikander said come let’s go register, Lovely and Amyra arrived, Amyra asked are you looking for dad, Lovely said no I’m looking for the register area, Sikander was giving bites to the news channel. Kulfi said even I want to donate, Sikander said you have to be 18 for that and Kulfi said okay.

Lovely arrived at registration area,she saw sikander’s names and started looking for him,she saw him walking with Kulfi and wrote just her name. kulfi saw syringe and was scared, the nurse said you are Sikander’s daughter you should be brave, Amyra was in the next wing and heard it,she walked to them and said I am his daughter not her, Kulfi felt bad and left, the nurse asked Amyra to leave as well.

Sikander saw lovely and remembered she killed Nimrat, the nurse told Sikander that he has high stress and should control, Lovely was told the same and they both weren’t allowed for the blood donation. Sikander asked lovely to go for stress test, lovely said as you care, you should have thought about it when you said yes to the divorce.

Sikander said you asked for it,Lovely said you know I was angry and do stupid things but you always calm me down, why didn’t you this time, Sikander said I was out of control especially after knowing you killed my Nimrat.

Kulfi was getting energy drinks for Sikander and lovely, Amyra stopped her and took her away, Lovely said Sikander we were together for 7 years but Nimrat is yours I am not, why is it that, maybe because your Nimrat understood you unlike me who didn’t. Bebe asked Tony and Cutie, have they seen lovely and Sikander,Tony said yes.

Sikander must be begging lovely that he can’t live without Amyra, gunjan said why will Sikander,Lovely will and her crocodile tears won’t matter. Lovely said Sikander I never told you the truth because our relation was very weak, because I knew you will always choose Nimrat and not me, that scared me and you would never trust me that it was an accident.

Sikander said lovely it was us, it was our fault, let’s take it that Nimrat’s death was an accident,but kulfi, why do you keep doing that to her. Kulfi asked Amyra why she hates her, Amyra said because I can’t share my dad, Kulfi asked what if you had siblings, Amyra said you aren’t and never will and left. kulfi said God please help.

Precap : Gunjan and Tony were giving harsh bites about each other to the news channels and revealed about the divorce, Kulfi and Amyra heared it…Read more

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