Tevar To Stop Kulfi From Singing For Amyra. Little Singer Kulfi 12 October 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 115


The episode started with Tevar saying to Kulfi, everything i own is yours, Kulfi said i just want my baba, Sikander walked to Kulfi and said Tevar lalwani is looking for you,Tevar said so was i, Sikander said did you find….. Lalwani walked to them and said quickly get to work you all. Sikander and Kulfi then walked away.

Tevar walked on stage, Lovely was surprised, Amyra was very happy to see him. Lovely thinks God, if Tevar tells Kulfi he is her father, she won’t sing, God these problems, why did he come back so quickly.

Lovely thinks how does he look so calm, Tevar began his performance and after his performance, he was walking to the dressing room but the media and his fans didn’t allow him, Lovely saw him and said that’s good, i have to stop him from seeing Kulfi until she performs for my Amyra. Sukhwinder Singh performed next. In the dressing room.

Kulfi and Amyra were enjoying, Lovely walked in and said Kulfi enough of the dancing, come with me, you have to sing, stop this timepass, Sikander said stop it Lovely, not now, let her enjoy. Tevar started looking for Kulfi. Minti stopped him, hugged him and said I am so happy to see you.

Minti said Tevar i am your lady luck, where’s your attention,Tevar said not now and left. Minti said i won’t stay here for a minute, you can’t insult me this way and she left. Sunidhi was performing.

Amyra and Kulfi were practising,Amyra was cheating with lyrics on her hands,Tevar walked to the dressing room and saw them, Sikander was also upset,Tevar thinks so they are using my daughter to make their daughter a star. Lovely said my baby Amyra, you are perfect, my princess, I love you.Kulfi thinks Sikander sir is just singing today,Tevar asked the master to go and find Lalwani.

Sikander met Tevar and praised him, Tevar said i learned from you but i didn’t know you are such a good actor and so i Amyra i saw what was going on makeup room,sir you were my hero, a man of principle,i was surprised to see how you were behind kulfi to save her but now i know why, Sikander became aggressive but stopped himself.

Sikander said i wish i could stop it, i am in bad times,Tevar said bad times show what a person is, Sikander said a father is helpless, Kulfi takes me as a guru, but she is mine, but for Amyra i have to do it,you won’t understand, you aren’t a father, Tevar i am helpless but you aren’t, you can give kulfi justice, i won’t stop you and left.

Tevar said you call your duagther your weakness but mine is my strength.

Precap :
Sikander and Amyra were invited on stage,Kulfi came on stage instead of Amyra,both Kulfi and Sikander were shocked…Read more

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