Kulfi Chooses Sikander As Her Father. Little Singer Kulfi 12 September 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 72


The episode started with Lovely saying look, you broke my Amyra’s heart and her dreams,look at her, you will never change, everything is over, happy now? pushed him away. Lovely then told daddy that with great difficulty, i begged and stopped the truth but now look at this. Daddy said i have always told you to get a divorce, you don’t need him.

Lovely said i need him, Daddy called the manager and said stop all Sikander’s recordings, now the new boy Tewar will do the recording, Lovely said stop it, Daddy said let me handle it my way.

Kulfi woke up and saw Mahinder, Mahinder said look, i got you gifts, Kulfi asked gifts for me, why? Mahinder said Amyra wears new clothes everyday, you must be feeling sad,Kulfi said no, she is a girl and i am a boy, her father gifts her,when i get my father, he will give me,Mahinder said let’s say your father got it, Kulfi became excited and said you found my dad,Dadi said no dear, it’s father’s day and where elders gift you, accept it happily, Gunjan said i couldn’t give you a kid, so you are expressing your love this way, she became upset and left.

Mahinder said you are taking it the wrong Gunjan,Dadi said yes Gunjan last night Amyra scared Kulfi a lot yesterday so this is to cheer her up,Gunjan said ok and left,Mahinder said why lie to her,Dadi said no one should know the truth.

Sikander walked to Amyra’s room,he saw her asleep and remembered last night, Sikander then called RK. Kulfi asked Jagira what day it is,he said it’s father’s day, Kulfi became emotional and said what is the speciality of this day,Jagira said kids express their love to their father,Kulfi said this is unfair, i don’t have a father.

the maid said, don’t be sad choose anyone as your father and celebrate them,Kulfi said if it was in my hands i would make Sikander Sir my dad but Amyra would feel bad.Kulfi run to the balcony, picked flowers and said ma said if you love someone,no matter how far they are your love reaches them.

Sikander was in the car and got to know the recording got cancelled,he learnt it’s father’s day and said it good that the recording is canceled,Amyra wishes me when she wakes up, let me go home and he got out of the car,Kulfi blew the flowers and they fell over Sikander and he smiled.

Kulfi was dancing that it’s fathers day,she saw Sikander and stopped dancing, Sikander said very nice, Kulfi smiled and said you brought this for Amyra right because it’s fathers day, Sikander said did you find your dad,Kulfi said no but i think i will find him, Sikander said me too, Kulfi said when i will find him i will tell him i love him so much and give him a big hug so that he never leaves me, Sikander said no one can ever leave you,you are very sweet.

Amyra threw her breakfast, Sikander walked to her and said there are many people who don’t get food at all,but we have right and good princess, respect food and share it with all,Amyra went and sat aside, Sikander said is princess forgetting something,Amyra said i know it’s fathers day but i won’t wish you, i am very angry,Kulfi murmured you shouldn’t do this,i don’t have a father but you do and he loves you so much.

Sikander said ok don’t wish me but atleast smile,Amyra said no I would do nothing for you.

Pre cap : RK was in the house, Sikander got kulfi and said today I shall show you who was the voice behind the concert…Read more

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