Kulfi Goes To Tell Sika The Truth. Little Singer Kulfi 13 December 2022, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 198


The episode started with Amyra trying to stop Lovely from signing but she did, lovely said baby you trust me right then all will be good. Sikander asked the lawyer did Lovely sent it on her own, I don’t believe, the lawyer said yes she did, Sikander said I need to talk to Lovely.

I know her very well, the lawyer said if she didn’t, I wouldn’t be here and find a lawyer better than Adi Irani who has till date lost no a case, I am waiting for your answer and left, Sikander in anger signed the paper and Mohendar scolded him, gunjan said even after these papers you don’t understand.

Mohendar said gunjan shutup and Sikander why do this, she is your wife, Kulfi was watching all this, Mohendar said enough of this Sikander, I can’t let you do all this,Kulfi then started crying.

Sikander was in the balcony and Kulfi walked to him,Sikander said I scolded you a lot right, Kulfi said Ma used to do same, first use to scold and then cry, if she can even you, Kulfi explained to Sikander anger is not good, vent it out, so tell me what ever you have in your mind you will feel better, you will be able to sort issues.

Sikander said elders issues are not so simple, Kulfi said patience is good, it helps, so tell me what is it that you are not able to forgive her, Sikander said this time she is not the only one who is at fault even I am, such mistake that till date I am not able to forgive myself and thinks about Nimrat.

Sikander said to kulfi, I broke someone’s trust, love and everything, my life’s biggest mistake, I couldn’t get out of it, I thought my Nimrat is happy but she left me, she didn’t even forgive me, Kulfi thinks he stills remembers Ma, it means he is good man and hugged him,she said it’s not your fault, Sikander hugged her and started crying.

Kulfi said don’t blame yourself, you are not a bad person, if Ma would be here she would forgive you, even I did, Sikander thinks you are so pure, even after knowing nothing you have forgiven me, you are good person.

Kulfi was very happy and started playing with her toys, she said I have all her answers, he still misses my mother and wants to apologise, Ma you would forgive him and tell him about me right, Nimrat doesn’t answer, Kulfi said Ma please tell me.

Nimrat signaled her,Kulfi said yes now I will tell him and call him Baba and rushed out, Kulfi run to his room and found him asleep and said my baba is asleep, she placed blanket over him, kissed his forehead and left.

Kulfi talkd to Tevar’s picture and said I will tell sikander sir he is my father but I won’t forget you and still loves you, I am missing you today, I don’t know how I will tell him the truth and she run out of her room,she saw Sikander talking to Mohendar and was very worried and upset, Kulfi said I will talk to him the in car.

In the car Sikander was very annoyed, Kulfi said I want to tell you something , Sikander said yes but before that, it’s about yesterday right, forget about it, don’t be worried about me, Kulfi said why not,Sikander said I don’t want you to be worried you and Amyra, you kids don’t be stressed because of me and Lovely, Kulfi said why don’t you listen to me.

Precap : Sikander said okay tell me, Kulfi said you are my Father…Read more

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