Kulfi’s Face Get Revealed. Little Singer Kulfi 13 February 2023, Monday Pt1: Episode 285


The episode started with Mahesh asking kulfi, who will she choose, house, him or Sikander, Mia said me because I run this show, relax I am kidding, I agree with Sikander, they should choose for fusion and surprise is I choose the song and handed Sikander a song.

sikander said this song, Mia said yes and left. kulfi met her friends and said I can’t sing this song because I will start crying in middle of it, Bansi said we will lose, then what will we do, Kulfi said we have to find a way.

Amyra was practicing, Lovely said Amyra try understand the meaning this will help you, Amyra said enough mom, I hate that girl, dad and kulfi keep looking at each other and why aren’t you doing anything, Kulfi met mahesh and said ask Mia to change the song.

mahesh said now you remember me, in front of Sikander you were quite, bloody hell, Kulfi said speak no word against Sikander please, mahesh said how dare you do that, who is he to you and tried to slap kulfi but Sikander stopped him.

Sikander said mahesh you are her teacher so I am sparing you or else you wouldn’t have this hand, mahesh said you two are supporting each other, i will find out what’s cooking between you two.

Mia said wonderful, now I just have to wait to expose kulfi. Sikander motivated kulfi to sing. Mahesh and Mia argued, Mia said I hope he doesn’t create a trouble and before he finds something, we need to reveal kulfi’s truth.

Amyra saw rocket and chittu, she heard rocket scold chittu that he shouldn’t remove the mask or else everyone will learn the truth that they ran away from remand home.

Amyra and kulfi were on stage to perform. Bebe saw kulfi and said when will my family have happiness, on one hand Amyra and Sikander and on the other hand kulfi, Kulfi is so alone. Kulfi began the performance.

Amyra rapped, they both showed each other coldness while singing, the song depicted their situation. Harsh said wonderful performance,you two are power pact team together, Amyra thinks, I am nothing with her and will reveal her truth.

She walked to kulfi and said if you are such great singer why hide your face, have you stolen something that you are so scared, she removed her mask and everyone was in shock.

Mohendar said God people should not recognize her, Mia said god she is a bigger villain than I am, harsh said I have seen you somewhere, Udit said she is the kid from the remand home, the audience started opposing against kulfi and asked to eliminate her, Kulfi’s friends removed their mask and went to hug her.

pandit said look the whole team is this way, Udit said why blame them they are just singing, pandit said they are bloody criminals, Usha said how dare you, do you know any crime they committed.

pandit said I won’t give criminals my knowledge, Usha said knowledge is for everyone, pandit said this is my insult, Sikander tried to aid the kids side, pandit said why are you taking their sides, they don’t deserve all this.

Sikander saw scared Kulfi and kissed her forehead, he then tried to calm the audience and pandit, Udit and Usha asked pandit to calm, pandit said look at them, they hid their identity.

Sikander asked the kids not to be scared, pandit said they must be eliminated, call Mia right away, Mia was angry and said I can’t lose this, I will turn this to advantage wait and watch.

Lovely and Mohendar tried to reach the kids to calm them.

Pre cap : Amyra said this is all wrong too much and got an attack. Kulfi and friends were arrested…Read more

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