Kulfi Is Under Arrest! Little Singer Kulfi 13 February 2023, Monday Pt2: Episode 286


The episode started with Pandit standing on eliminating the kids, the crew came on stage and took Kulfi and her friends away, sikander turned around, saw kulfi missing and rushed inside, Amyra followed him, Lovely and Mohendar too followed. Kulfi and her friends were scared and crying and their defeat.

The crew walked in and got them water, Kulfi said tell them we aren’t cheaters, Mia then walked in and scolded them for lying and said I am sorry you guys will have to leave, Kulfi said we have no place to go, Mia said I don’t have any option, you have to go, my crew will have to send you out. Pandit said mahesh I told you not to trust them look now.

Sikander, lovely and Mohendar tried to get to the kids through the crowd, Mia addressed the crowd and said even we learnt about this now, the crowd started throwing stones, Sikander got to the kid and took them inside, Amyra also tried to reach Sikander.

Sikander carried kulfi in his arms, Sikander said lovely, you know what you have to do, Lovely said yes, I will tell the police she is innocent, Kulfi pushed Sikander away and said now you care for me, why are you here now, you pushed me away, threw me out of the house, I won’t leave my friends, she run and Sikander was about to follow her but Amyra stopped him, Mia asked them to record everything.

Mia said I am sorry Sikander, i hope you are fine, I think you should leave with your daughter, Sikander said I won’t leave those kids alone, Mia said the police will send them to remand home. Amyra said dad she said she don’t want you, stay with me don’t go to her, mom tell him, remind him of his promise.

Lovely said Amyra listen, Amyra said no one cares about me, it’s all unfair and she started panicking, Sikander asked to get a doctor. Amyra was being examined by the doctor. Amma walked to kulfi and her friends. Amyra said dad I won’t feel better, you said you won’t help Kulfi.

Lovely said Amyra all these things later, Amyra said I learnt kulfi’s truth and so I purposely removed her mask so she could be sent back, she always follows dad, I want to stop all this, you are my dad and my teacher and you can’t break promises made to me, so promise me you won’t stop Kulfi, let her go, I am with you. I am your only daughter, you won’t remember her, promise me please.

Amma said you saw right what happens when you run away from Amma, you don’t have any existence and will never have. Lovely said Amyra we both are best friends I never break your promise right, I promise dad won’t stop Kulfi, he will stay with you, now don’t be tensed, go home with dadi, Amyra left with Bebe and Gunjan. Lovely then looked at Sikander, Sikander asked Mohendar to go see Kulfi. Amma said to kulfi,168 black room is waiting for you, take them away.

Mohendar walked in and tried to stop Amma, Gunjan tried to talk to Amma not to take the kids away, Gunjan asked Mia to help, Sikander saw Amma and kulfi being taken away with her friends, he took a step ahead but Amyra stopped him. A car stopped Amma and the kids, the commissioner handed a letter to Amma and said you can’t take these kids away.

Amma said I can, he said the home minister sent me here, Amma said they ran away from my remand home, he said they did it in worst situation and home minister take their guarantee, no one can deny that, Sikander then smiled, Mia thinks of how the home minister became involved.

Lovely said to Sikander, sikander you are free to help Kulfi, I have promised Amyra, there is a way to help Kulfi, you are on good terms with the home minister and sang at his daughters wedding a song on daughters, he had loved it, he will surely help.

Kulfi and her friends smiled, Sikander thinks, Kulfi you can run away from me but the connection will always be there.

Pre cap : Kulfi got shocked by the mic, rocket and Sikander motivated her through a song but Kulfi was unable to speak…Read more

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