Lovely Learns Chandan’s Truth, Bhola’s Life In Danger. Little Singer Kulfi 13 March 2023, Monday Pt2: Episode 326

In Little Singer Kulfi Episode 326, Bhola begs Kulfi to let him stay with Pakhi, but Kulfi makes Rajan leave Bhola. Bhola hugs Pakhi, but Kulfi asks him to let her go and starts crying. Bhola runs away with Pakhi, and Rocket asks why Kulfi did this. Kulfi says she could feel Bhola’s pain, and she knows what it’s like to live without a father. She can’t do this to Pakhi, who thinks Bhola is her dad. Kulfi says she will make Bhola remember her and god will help her.

Nandini tells Lovely that the man who claims to be Chandan is lying. Kamla just had a son, and he said he has a sister too, which means he is lying. Kulfi decides to make Chandan remember that he is her father, Sikander.

Chandan stares at Kulfi and leaves, with Kulfi following him. Nandini and Lovely search for clues and find a picture. Chandan calls Pakya and asks if Lovely believes him. Pakya confirms, and Chandan tells him to find Pakhi and kill Bhola.

Kulfi remembers Rocket’s advice to keep calm and follows Chandan when he calls her. Chandan tells her that Mohendar, bhabhi, and Lovely are out, and Amyra is in class. Kulfi thinks if she doesn’t leave, Gotya will kill her father. Bhola and Pakhi play with their friends, and Pakya sees Bhola and calls Chandan.

Chandan tells Pakya that he found Sikander but there are many people with him. He instructs Pakya to kill him after sunset. Kulfi realizes that she has only three hours left until sunset and decides to visit the temple. Chandan stops her, but Kulfi makes an excuse to go to the balcony and ties a red cloth as a signal to Rocket.

Rocket and his friends see the red cloth and split up to help Kulfi. Lovely meets Kamla and shows her a photo. Kamla identifies Chandan, but Lovely sees Sikander’s song on TV and suspects that Chandan might be Sikander. Guruji walks in, and Bhola hugs him. Pakya goes to take a round, and Zinda and Bansi reach Nargis Park to keep an eye on Bhola.

Guruji offers Bhola a job for summer camp, but Bhola declines and says he can sing in the house instead. Lovely meets the inspector and learns that Sikander was forced to drive by a thief and disappeared after the accident. The inspector shows her Chandan’s photo and tells her that he is the one claiming to be Chandan. Lovely rushes home when Chandan calls her.

Kulfi asks Chandan if she can go to the park because she feels restless, and he tells her to stay on the balcony. Rocket slowly enters the house, and Kulfi sees him in the precap…Read more

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