Kulfi Rejects Tevar As Her Father. Little Singer Kulfi 13 October 2022, Thursday Pt1: Episode 117


The episode started with Sikander saying, is this a joke, how can she be your daughter,who told you,Tevar said my love told me, Sikander asked who,Tevar said look, she is the love of my life,till date i had no idea we had a daughter, Kulfi said how is this possible, my mother is dead how will she tell you, Lovely thinks God, how didn’t i think of it what will Tevar say to Sikandar and why isnt Kulfi keeping shut and going with him.

Sikander said enough Tevar, stop scaring her, i can’t hand her over to you without proofs,get your girlfriend, Lovely said let’s hear him first,Mohendar said why should we,we know he is lying,first Minti and now Kulfi, Tevar said enough, don’t point on my character, Sikander said enough Tevar don’t raise your voice.

Tevar said if you don’t believe me, talk to her mami Nihalo,i met her today, Lovely said good talk to her, Kulfi said you met my mami and my mama too,but my mami lies a lot, Lovely said Kulfi bad manners, don’t talk about elders this way.

Sikander said one minute, tell me kulfi why do you think mami is lying,Kulfi said mami keeps lying, she lied to me to sing for money,she even tried selling me for money and so i sneaked and mama made me boy and sent me here,Mohendar said Tevar said he wants to use our Kulfi’s talent,Tevar said you people are using my daughter for Amyra, Sikander said she isn’t your daughter,Tevar said is she yours? Bebe shouted yes she is,she is Sikanders daughter and they all became shocked.

Lovely said mummy dont stress, it’s okay, don’t get overwhelmed,Bebe said this is the truth, Kulfi is Sikander’s daughter and our life, you can’t take her away,Mohendar and Tevar got into an argument, Lovely said enough, why can’t you believe him,Mohendar said why are you doing this lovely, Lovely said there are two kids in this house and i am thinking of both,Kulfi said i dreamt that my mom said I am near my father.

Tevar said wow, even kulfi has agreed, Sikander said it was her dream, give us proof and then you shall go,Tevar asked who are you, Sikander said everything her mother,father,guru and she belongs to me,get your girlfriend or else she is going nowhere, Tevar said Kulfi don’t cry, don’t listen to anyone, i am your baba come with me,Kulfi left Sikander’s hand, Lovely was very happy and Sikander was shocked.

Kulfi removed her hand off Tevars hand and joined her hands with Sikander and said i am sorry uncle,i don’t know you very well,i don’t know if what you are saying is true,i have once been trapped and now i just trust Sikander,she hugged Sikander and said i will take you as my father still,i don’t want to face the hardships again. She run away and Sikander followed her,Tevar then gave Lovely a cold look.

Tevar met Lovely later and said come lets meet Sikander and tell him the truth, Lovely said no, that will spoil things, Tevar said i want my Kulfi, Sikander already has my love, you but not kulfi now, Lovely said give me some time you will get kulfi even i want Kulfi to be with you, now please leave me.

Mohendar saw Lovely. Sikander was putting Kulfi to sleep and said come on stop crying,Kulfi said I understand nothing,it’s just a mess,my heart isn’t accepting that he is my father,he isn’t like the one i thought, Sikander said tell me what you thought of. Lovely said Mohendar if you tell Sikander the truth what about Amyra and what’s wrong if Tevar takes her away.

Mohendar said but, Lovely said with great difficulty i found this way. Kulfi said i thought he would resemble you, oh god i have so many questions but no answers, and now i have lost my bag too.

Precap : Sikander was on a call and said yes I want an appointment for a DNA test. Lovely heard that and said god this will proof Kulfi isn’t Tevars daughter…Read more

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