Sikander Seeks DNA Test On Kulfi’s Father. Little Singer Kulfi 13 October 2022, Thursday Pt2: Episode 118


The episode started with Kulfi complaining to Sikandar that her mother’s potli is lost and now she will never know the truth about her father. Sikandar told Kulfi that the truth cannot be stopped and no one can stop it from getting known,he told Kulfi that she has done a big task by singing on stage in front of so many people and he is proud of her and asked Kulfi not to worry as he will handle everything.

Mohender confronted Lovely and he realized that Lovely had manipulated Tevar to believe that Kulfi is his daughter. Lovely said that Kulfi will get a father but Amayra will lose her life if Kulfi does not go. Lovely heard Sikandar booking an appointment for a DNA test and thinks that this test will prove that Tevar is not Kulfi’s father.

Lovely think she has to stop Sikandar from doing DNA test. Tevar was very angry and told his manager that he will tell Sikandar the truth about his past relationship with Lovely. Minty called up Tevar and questioned him about his relation with Kulfi.Tevar got angry with Minty and broke off their engagement.

Kulfi saw Sikandar’s mother being tensed in the middle of the night and assured her that she will not go anywhere. Next morning, Mohender went to meet Tevar and told him that Kulfi belongs to their house. Tevar asked Mohender to ask Kulfi’s Mami the truth. Mohender said that everybody was involved in the conspiracy. Sikandar’s mother saw Tevar dancing in happiness saying that he will get his daughter home soon.

Sikandar’s mother thinks, Tevar will be heartbroken if he finds out that Kulfi is not his daughter, she saw Amayra sleeping on the garden bench. She confronted Amayra and Amayra told her that her family left her and went away after the concert. Flashback showed that Amayra was locked in the make-up room and everyone had gone away leaving her there alone. Amayra said that no one cares about her whether she lives or dies.

Sikandar told Kulfi that the DNA test people will come and they will know whether Tevar is her father or not. Mohender came there and was about to tell Sikandar the truth but Sikandar’s mother came there along with Amayra. Sikandar became shocked seeing Amayra in a disheveled condition. Lovely also saw Amayra and became shocked. Sikandar tried to go near her but she pushed him away.

Amayra said that everyone forgot her and told Sikandar that he wanted to perform with Kulfi, that’s why he locked her in the make-up room. She then said that everyone in their house loves Kulfi more than her, when Kulfi was lost everyone went out in search for her,she Amyra was missing from home one whole night and no one thought about her.

she said she will leave this house and go away. She then told Cutie that she wants to come and live with her and cutie took her away. Kulfi and the other family members plead with Amayra not to go. Sikandar then asked Amayra not to leave him and asked her to give him any punishment but Amayra still left with Cutie.

Precap: A man brought Nimrit’s potli. Sikandar opened the locket and cried…Read more

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