Kulfi Reveals To Amyra They Are Sisters. Little Singer Kulfi 14 December 2022, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 200


The episode started with Kulfi asking Amyra is she doing well, Amyra said you are the reason there will be a divorce, Kulfi said he won’t leave you, Amyra said he choose you, he wants to live with you, Kulfi said it was lovely’s decision to leave the house.

Amyra said in the whole world you found my family, why do you want to be my friend, my sister, Kulfi said enough I am your sister, Sikander is my father too. Sikander asked them to open the door, Lovely said first open Amyras class, she yelled at the peon, Sikander said don’t do this calm down, let me go check.

Kulfi said my mama told me he is my father, I came back to find out why he left my mother, and yesterday I found my answer, Amyra asked did you tell him you are his daughter, Kulfi said not yet, Amyra said don’t please, Kulfi said why shouldn’t I, I came from Mumbai to find my father, why should I hide, Amyra said my mother will die, me and mom knew about this truth. Sikander and the peon were looking for thegirls while Lovely was looking for Amyra.

Kulfi asked is this why you hate me, Amyra said yes, if dad finds out, he will leave us and tell about all of lovely’s plot and why she sent her to Tevar, Amyra said dad loves you so much that he found out Tevar isn’t your dad, so he fights with mom and if he finds you are his daughter, he will leave my mom and she will die like your mom died.

Amyra fell in kulfi’s feet and said I beg of you, don’t tell mom you are his daughter please, Lovely met Sikander and said I am tensed, they both were together, find Kulfi, and we will find Amyra too, Sikander said calm down I will call her, Sikander shouted kulfi.

Kulfi heard it and started crying, Amyra hugged her, Kulfi asked why can’t I have my father, when will I have my father’s name, I am dying to call him my father, I have him now but can’t call him, am I that bad, Amyra said you aren’t bad, God is bad, he did this to us, if he had given us different mom.

he should have given us different dad, then even mom wouldn’t do bad things, God gave one dad, it’s all his fault, Kulfi said you are right,she looses her calm and started crying,she said now I can never call him baba and call him as my daughter, he will be my everything but not my Baba, Amyra hugged her and said thank you, Kulfi said you are my younger sister will do anything for you, I never had Baba and Ma left me too,I know how it feels to live without them so I won’t put you in that situation and Amyra said thank you to her.

Sikander and Lovely were looking for Amyra and kulfi, Amyra said they both are together, Kulfi said they are together and will be so happy ,when they find out even we are friends, like one on one free offer, Amyra said how are you so stupid, they won’t patch so soon, divorce is very bad and if they find out we are friends.

Kulfi said sisters, Amyra said let’s start with friends, they will separate us, Amyra said let’s play our game, we will keep everything a secretand meet secretly and will give each other information and help them patch up, deal? Kulfi said deal.

Kulfi said how will I talk to you, Amyra said I will manage all that, Sikander found kulfi and Amyra, Sikander got in the room and hugged them both, lovely came from behind and asked Amyra if she is fine, Amyra hugged her, lovely said Amyra let’s go and took her away, Sikander left with Kulfi, Kulfi and Amyra winked at each other.

Tony showed lovely the signed divorce papers and she broke down, Amyra said mom, Lovely said why did he do that, what will I do without him, Amyra said tear it mom, Tony then pulled it from Amyra.

Amyra said mom, no papers, no divorce, if dad wants Kulfi, let it be I won’t be jealous, I will manage but I want you both, please mom, stop this fight, Tony said these papers are mirror, open your eyes, Sikander has no place for you in his life, Amyra said no it’s not, Lovely said call the lawyer, Amyra tried to talk to Lovely.

Sikander was studying with Kulfi and he said good, you are progressing, Kulfi said enough, what you want to ask, I know you want to ask why we fought, Sikander said I want to ask how did you two patch up.

Kulfi said you always say never interfere between elders, so don’t interfere between kids, focus on Lovely and get them back, this house isn’t home without them, Sikander said okay and left.

Precap : Amyra told Kulfi that dad signed the divorce papers, Kulfi said not possible, Sikander sir didn’t have the npapers, Amyra asked then who signed the papers…Read more

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