Kulfi’s Life In Danger. Little Singer Kulfi 14 February 2023, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 288


The episode started with Kulfi singing the song taught by Sikander to mahesh, mahesh said very well and best for this round and he left. Amyra walked to them and insulted them saying greedy poor, you can never win over me, so have food and merry till you are here, dad taught me the coolest song and will surely win this round, Kulfi said my mom said, believe in yourself but never underestimate your competitors, let me tell you.

we are working hard, we may win, akash walked in and said I have won 30 competitions, Saraswati said you never lost, you look our age, when did you get so much Time, Kulfi said Akash you must be practising so much right, Akash said don’t act cute, you two cats keep fighting because I am gonna win, Kulfi said dare you, Kulfi and Amyra teamed up and answered Akash. Akash insulted Sikander, Kulfi and Amyra defended him, Kulfi said we are respecting you but, Akash said see you on stage and left.

Harsh invited Amyra on stage for her performance, Amyra sang, harsh said Amyra very well sung, let’s ask the judges and it’s Ushas song let’s take her review, usha said brilliant carry on, you enjoyed it, I score you a 8, Panditji scores a 6, Udit said good try and scored 7. harsh said Amyra your total score is 21. We have Akash with 24 at lead and then Amyra with 21, next we invite benam group on the stage.

Pandit insulted them, Udit and Usha stopped him and asked him to encourage music. Mia said I want sikander and kulfi on close up. Kulfi began her performance and Sikander was in tears, Kulfi remembered the happy times with Sikander, Mia asked falana to initiate the plan, falana created a disturbance, mahesh and Sikander got worried.

Kulfi touched the mic in confusion and got shock, she shouted baba and fainted and Sikander rushed to her, everyone rushed to kulfi, Mia started acting and said shit the call medical team. Mohendar rushed to kulfi. Mia sent all the crew out of the recording room.

Mia asked falana to go to Sikander and say our team will take care please move aside, Sikander said I am taking her to the hospital, falana said you can’t our team will take care, Mia said ask him who are you to take her away, she is our contestant, Sikander said she is my daughter and leaves with Kulfi, kulfi’s friends were in shock, Saraswati said this means mean Amyra is her sister, everyone rushed behind Sikander.

Mia said bang on I won the game. Kulfi was examined. Amyra was with lovely and she was in tears. Sikander asked the doctor is Kulfi fine, the doctor said she was shocked, we need to stabilize her. Amyra saw lovely worrying for kulfi and became more upset, Gunjan took care of kulfi’s friends.

Kulfi started collapsing and sikander became scared, the doctor said we have tried everything but looks like Kulfi is mentally in stress what must she be in, Sikander said I know what she wants.

Pre cap : Sikander whispered in kulfi’s ears, I am your father and you are me and Nimrat’s daughter. Mia said on semi finale round I shall reveal kulfi is Sikander’s daughter…Read more

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