Sikander’s Life Is In Danger. Little Singer Kulfi 14 March 2023, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 327

Episode 327 of Little Singer Kulfi featured a series of events that unfolded quickly. Kulfi was concerned about Rocket’s safety and wanted to warn him about Chandan’s plan to harm Bhola. Aai suggested that Bhola should attend a music camp because he was talented, which made him happy. Aai also entrusted Pakhi and Nandini’s care to Bhola. Meanwhile, Chandan’s goons waited for the opportunity to kill Bhola.

Lovely arrived, worried about Amyra’s safety, but Chandan grew suspicious of her behavior and threatened her with a knife. Chandan claimed ownership of the house and announced his intention to take Amyra away from Lovely. Kulfi signaled to Lovely that she knew the truth about Chandan.

Kulfi sang a song to warn Bhola that he was in danger. Rocket understood the message and gathered his friends to save Sikandar’s life. The children tried to warn Bhola about the thieves in the house, and the goons ran away. Chandan was angry to learn that Sikandar was still alive and that Lovely had admitted that Kulfi was right about Chandan’s intentions. Lovely sought Kulfi’s help to save Amyra from Chandan.

Kulfi asked Lovely not to panic and to fight back. She revealed to Lovely that Sikandar was alive and that Chandan had planned to kill him. Kulfi gave Lovely a phone number to connect with Rocket, who informed her that they had saved Sikandar. Kulfi and her friends then arranged to move Sikandar to a safe place, the music camp. Lovely apologized to Kulfi and offered to help find Sikandar and restore his memory. Kulfi accepted the help and asked Lovely to protect Amyra until they could bring Sikandar home. Lovely tricked Chandan into sending Kulfi to the camp and expressed her fake hatred for Kulfi…Read more

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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