Kulfi Beats Chandan To Save Sikander. Little Singer Kulfi 14 March 2023, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 328

In episode 328 of Little Singer Kulfi, Bhola is surprised when a driver arrives to pick him up for a music camp, which he had previously declined. The driver reveals that Guruji offered it for free because of Bhola’s excellent singing, and Nandini agrees to pack his bags.

Lovely and Kulfi argue about rehearsals, with Lovely insisting that Kulfi attends music class before practicing and going to Dubai. Meanwhile, Chandan learns that his plan to kill Sikander has failed. He later takes Kulfi to music class and introduces her to his friend Uncle Bunty, who he instructs to keep an eye on her.

Bhola sees Kulfi at the music camp and chases after her when she runs away. Meanwhile, CBI agents come to talk to Chandan about his accident and the missing thief who was with him. Pakhi misses Bhola, and Nandini reminds her of the importance of the music camp.

Lovely tells Chandan that she hates Sikander and has been gathering information to confirm his death. She also warns him to keep Amyra happy. Bunty is scolded and asked to leave the school, while the kids discuss seeing Sikander in the school. They mistake Bhola for Sikander, and Kulfi scolds them for making fun of him.

Lovely receives a call and reveals that she will gather information about Chandan while Kulfi guards Sikander. The episode ends with Bhola calling Kulfi a witch while singing…Read more

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