Kulfi Goes For School Admission. Little Singer Kulfi 14 November 2022, Monday Pt2: Episode 157


The episode started with Kulfi feeling she can never trust Sikandar again. She didn’t want to talk to him. He apologized to her and told her that he will always love her, even if she gets annoyed. Tevar and Lovely took Kulfi for the school interview.

Kulfi liked the school a lot. She told Tevar that she can do anything to get admission in the school. She felt like studying in the class. Amyra welcomed Kulfi in her school and wished her the best.

She told Kulfi that the principal will ask her few questions regarding her parents. Amyra didn’t want Kulfi to get them insulted. Sikandar arrived at the school and found Tevar and Lovely fighting. He told them that he was afraid for this and came to check. He went to support Kulfi in the interview. Lovely didn’t want Kulfi to mention Nimrat’s name in front of Sikandar.

Sikandar asked Kulfi not to get scared and give her best. Tevar didn’t want Kulfi to lose the admission because of him. He wanted Sikandar to ensure Kulfi’s success at the interview. Tevar told the principal that he just met his daughter a couple of days before.

but Sikandar means the world to her, he feels Sikandar loves Kulfi more. Sikandar described Kulfi to them and he felt she is a blessing for him. He became emotional during the interview. He praised Kulfi a lot, which turned Lovely upset. Lovely asked Kulfi not to spoil Sikandar’s name in the principal’s cabin.

She forced Kulfi to give a good interview and Kulfi became stressed. Lovely stopped the principal from knowing about Kulfi’s mother. Kulfi told them that she wants to study and she got upset with Tevar’s truth blocking her mind. Sikandar and Tevar persuaded her to answer the principal.

Sikandar got worried that Kulfi will say something that breaks Tevar’s heart. He failed to manage Kulfi’s school admission. The Principal felt Kulfi is not a normal girl and asked them to send Kulfi to a special school. Kulfi failed in her interview and lost hope. Amyra told her that Sikandar will find some way. Kulfi then thinks to tell Tevar that she wants to find her real father…Read more

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