Kulfi’s Father’s Truth Is Coming Out. Little Singer Kulfi 14 October 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 119


The episode started with Amayra locking herself in the room and Lovely plead with her to come out. Sikandar came there and tried to meet Amayra but Lovely asked him to get out as he only cares for Kulfi and not Amayra. Sikandar plead but Lovely asked him to get lost. Sikandar left and Lovely once again plead Amayra to open the door. Kulfi felt very guilty that Amayra went away because of her.

Mohender saw Kulfi and thinks that he has to tell Sikandar the truth about Kulfi. Sikandar’s mother stopped Mohender and said that Kulfi and Amayra cannot live in one house as they will never be happy. She said that if Kulfi lives with Tevar then she will get a good upbringing. Tevar came to the house and called out to Kulfi but Mohender stopped him.

Sikandar came and Tevar told him that he is taking Kulfi away and Sikandar asked him to wait. Kulfi plead with Tevar to wait as Amayra has left the house. Tevar started laughing and told Sikandar to be a good father for Amayra.

The DNA test technician came,Sikandar then told Tevar to take the test to prove he is Kulfi’s father and Tevar agreed for the test. Sikandar’s mother worried that the truth will come out. Tevar said that he cannot wait for test results as he is longing to take Kulfi with him. Tevar told Kulfi that he is her father and they will go to Chiroli to find out the truth. A man came bringing Nimrit’s potli.

Kulfi saw the potli and said that it has the book where her mother has written about her father and she hugged the potli. Kulfi asked Sikandar to open the potli to know about her father. Sikandar then sent away the DNA technician. Lovely came and recalled throwing away the potli in the dustbin. Sikandar then opened the potli.

Tevar asked Sikandar to open the diary. Sikandar opened the diary and started crying. Kulfi asked Sikandar what is written in the diary. Sikandar saw the locket and opened it. Kulfi plead with Sikandar to tell her who is her father. Sikandar said that this potli has revealed the entire truth.

Kulfi hugged Lovely and told her that she is very nice. Lovely then told Kulfi that she has found her father and now she should live with him happily…Read more

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