Kulfi Finds Her Father! Little Singer Kulfi 14 October 2022, Friday Pt2: Episode 120


Sikandar Tells Kulfi That The Truth Was In Front Of Him But He Could Not See It. Sikandar Tells Kulfi That The Truth Is That Tevar Is Your Father. Kulfi Cries. Minty Tells Lovely That Their Plan Worked.

Flashback Shows That Minty Tells Lovely To Write Something In Nimrit’s Diary Which Will Convince Sikandar That Kulfi Is Tevar’s Daughter. Lovely Says That She Will Bring Back The Potli At The Right Time. Flashback Ends. Tevar Cries Emotionally. Mohender Tells Sikandar That This Cannot Happen.

Sikandar Shows Kulfi The Locket Saying Her And Her Father’s Picture Is In The Locket. Flashback Shows Lovely Exchanging The Pictures In The Locket. Flashback Ends. Kulfi And Sikandar Cry Looking At Each Other. Sikandar Shows That Diary To Mohender Where It Is Written That Kulfi’s Mother Adopted Kulfi And She Is Tevar’s Daughter. Sikandar’s Mother Realizes That Lovely Wrote A False Story In The Diary. Kulfi Cries.

Sikandar Tries To In Over Amayra

Sikandar Hugs Her And Cries. Sikandar Asks Kulfi To Go With Tevar As He Is Her Father. Tevar Comes There. Kulfi Tells Sikandar That She Wants To Wait Just A Little More Time. Tevar Goes Away. Sikandar Packs Kulfi’s Things. Sikandar Brings Kulfi To Tevar With Her Luggage. Sikandar Bids Goodbye To Kulfi And Asks Her Not To Cry.

Kulfi Tells Sikandar That She Is Feeling More Pain Leaving Him Than Feeling Happy About Meeting Her Father. Kulfi Rushes To Hug Lovely And Thanks Her For Bringing Her To Her House. Lovely Asks Kulfi To Live Happily With Her Father. Kulfi Meets All Family Members Before Leaving.

Kulfi Tells The Dog Jhonny To Take Good Care Of Sikandar. Mohender Recalls Kulfi Telling Her Reality In The Temple. Kulfi Meets Mohender And Sikandar’s Mother Too. Kulfi Asks Sikandar’s Mother To Take Good Care Of Herself. Sikandar’s Mother Gives Her Chain To Kulfi. Lovely Tells Kulfi That She Should Leave Now With Her Father. Kulfi Cries Hugging Sikandar.

Sikandar Asks Kulfi To Come Whenever She Wants. Sikandar Tells Tevar To Keep Kulfi Very Happy. Tevar Says That He Will Do Anything For His Daughter’s Happiness. Kulfi Holds On To Sikandar Very Tightly While Tevar Tries To Take Her Away. Tevar Leaves With Kulfi. Sikandar Breaks Down.

Precap: Sikandar Feeds Cake To Amayra And Tells Her That He Will Change Himself To Be A Perfect Father For Her. Kulfi Calls Up Sikandar. Amayra Throws Away The Cake And Runs away….Read more

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