Kulfi Leaves Sikander’s House. Little Singer Kulfi 14 September 2022, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 77


Sikander took Kulfi to the recording room and explained to her what is to be done, he said don’t think of anything, it’s very easy, just go for it.Kulfi closed her eyes and remembered Amyra’s crying face and stopped

Sikander said don’t worry sing,Kulfi remembered Lovely’s warning to chose, kulfi said i can’t,the recorder said i think he isnt ready i guess, Sikander said no there’s a magic in his voice.

Kulfi said i can’t please dont make me sing and run away,the recorder said Sikander, if she isn’t ready don’t force him.

Lovely walked to Kulfi and said wow very well done,i am your fan now,you must have forgotten your mom after having Sikander and so you don’t want her stuff. Alia said Sikander i had made a slot for Kulfi and been advertising for it, what now, Sikander said he is just scared i will get him.

Sikander came out looking for Kulfi and heard her sing, he walked in and saw Kulfi recording a song with Lovely there and Sikander was surpised. Kulfi was crying while singing.(Lovely had booked another studio for Kulfi to sing as play back for Amyra)

Lovely said you lost Sikander, i won’t let Amyra’s dreams break.Sikander was in tears, Kulfi saw it and stopped singing, the recorder said don’t stop, keep singing.

Lovely said to Kulfi, you no longer want your mother’s memories right,let me remind you, remember how you entered my house looking for your mother’s belongings and i took you as a thief.

but i didn’t give you to the police because you begged for your mothers belongings but now your mother means nothing to you anyways i have booked a studio so if you want, come sing for Amyra.

Kulfi finished the song and Sikander walks out, Lovely then closed the door. Sikander feeling betrayed, walked out and shouted in pain,he sat in the car and left.

Lovely handed Kulfi all her belongings and said good, you choose your mother and not Sikander,Kulfi said you taking me wrong, i didn’t choose my belongings, i choose Amyra’s happiness, Lovely said whatever,i wish Sikander choose Amyra’s happiness and she left.

Kulfi hugged Nimrat’s dupata and said i wish i could read, then may be i would find out what’s in this book and may have my father’s details. Sikander walked in drunk, Dadi said good you came, my shoulder is paining me.

Sikander lay on sofa unaware,Kulfi said Dadi is calling, she is in pain, Sikander said do you worry about ssomeones pain,Kulfi said why did you drink again, Sikander said it my wish,like you wished to betray me.

Kulfi said i know i made a mistake,give me a punishment, Sikander said you have punished yourself and betrayed music and now your voice is Amyra and there is no existence for you,i had dreamt for you but you broke all,go away now,just leave.

Kulfi said i broke your heart and if this is my punishment i accept it,i shall go away and not stay here. Kulfi packed all her belongings and said if i could write i would thank mahinder uncle for all these clothes, she then had all her good and bad moment on her mind.

Precap: Kulfi was crying on the road in the night…Read more

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