Kulfi’s Adventure In Sikander’s House. Little Singer Kulfi 15 August 2022 Monday Pt2: Episode 33



The episode started with Kulfi saying, I won’t give up I will find a way,I will give it a try and called security,but then he had fallen asleep,kulfi said he isn’t listening, what will I do now,she tried to signalled him to alert him,he then mistakenly pressed the bell.

kulfi said oh wow now I can get in, she excitedly entered the society and walked to fountain,she saw few people entering and leaving from the lift and said what is this, one entered and three came out, it must be magical door.

Kulfi saw a thin lady enter, a fat old lady came out and she became confused,she walked to the lift but hid seeing a guy,he entered lift and saw a dog come out and said God, how will his mother recognise him,the dog started barking and the security walked there but kulfi hid.

Dad said lovely, you are making a mistake by returning to sikander,he has a daughter,lovely said but his past is his guilt and I won’t let that get away from him,dad said you have a past too and that should not be revealed.

Kulfi was confused and scared,the security placed the dog back in lift and left,kulfi walked out,then dog then pulled kulfi’s bag and got into the lift, kulfi followed it,got into lift and she was scared. She said God help me,I don’t want to turn to a dog or a cat,Mama won’t recognise me otherwise.

Kulfi got out of the lift and saw that she was the same and said thank God, she then found herself in a new place and said where am I, what place is this.
Lovely said sikander you can’t come here, Sikander said I know that,I won’t come to you until I gain your trust back,lovely then closed the door and left.

Kulfi was in Sikander’s house near a pot, Sikander was nearby, he felt something different in the air and said I don’t know,but I feel this air is mine, something is mine, may be because my daughter is back, Sikander held a flower in his hand from the darga,he said thank God and went to sleep, kulfi’s bag was in the room while sikander was asleep.

Kulfi started strolling around thinking what place is this and why is it so dark, where is the dog and her bag, the dog walked to kulfi and she said, dog please give me back my bag and it started barking,kulfi said look I won’t spare you, dogs don’t steal they guard.

The servants think, what’s wrong with Jonny.kulfi said ok stop barking, I am sorry, I won’t scold you. Jonny run away, kulfi followed it and landed in the balcony and said it’s so beautiful. I hope my siblings where here with me, they wouldn’t believe it exists.

Kulfi started missing them and asked Jonny are you alone too,I am alone as well, please return me my bag I have my moms belongings in it,ok I shall sing for you, will you then give me my bag.

Kulfi started singing for Jonny,asking him to return her the bag, Sikander woke up when he heard Jonny bark but went back to sleep,kulfi continued singing,she closed her eyes and remembered her mamas words and looked at Jonny with the hope that he will return her bag.

Kulfi fell asleep with jonny in the balcony,it was morning and Jonny woke her up barking,kulfi looked around and was surprised with the view of the city and said ma, you are right, the world is very big,bigger than Pathankot,kulfi smelled food and turned around and saw dadi walking to thrbdinning table and she hid,she said, oh God, if they see me, they will hit me.

Pre cap:
Sikander handed Amyra his book and said guard with your life. Amyra was in the bath tub and spilled water and kulfi warned her. Sikander entered and asked Amyra where’s the book, she pointed at the bath tub and kulfi popped out of it…Read more