Kulfi Loses Her Voice. Little Singer Kulfi 15 February 2023, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 290


The episode started with Amyra upset about Sikander and kulfi pair, Sikander and lovely calmed her down, Amyra said kulfi and dad will spend time together, I am not liking it, Lovely said he will just rehearse with her and all the remaining time with you. Amyra got upset and left. Sikander broke down, Lovely said don’t worry I will check on Kulfi you calm down.

Zinda and chittu trying to feed kulfi, rocket said I won’t have food until she has, Lovely slowly signed them and called them out and handed them food. Rocket said kulfi look it’s Baisakhi, I went to gurudwara and got Prasad have some and Kulfi had it. Sikander was with the kids said let’s begin rehearsals, what is it called, all day harmonium, it’s called rehearsal box, he tried hard and also her friends to cheer kulfi to sing

Sikander said so let’s sing Kulfi and Kulfi started crying, rocket and Bansi asked why cry, Sikander said if you are angry vent it out but no anger over music come on let’s rehearse, Kulfi didn’t join Sikander, Sikander said these kids love you so much, they find it so hard to spend time without you, you are my life, I mean their life, and you said you won’t leave them so will you now, they will lose the competition, okay sing for your mother.

Kulfi tried to sing but was unable to, Mia was watching them and said god what’s wrong with her, if she can’t sing I will have to eliminate her, I can’t afford that. Sikander said come on say something, Kulfi tried to speak but was unable, she signed Sikander to get her a book and a pen, she wrote on it I am trying hard but I am unable to, I am scared. Sikander hugged her and said everything will be fine, don’t worry I am with you.

you will talk and sing. The Doctor examined kulfi and said she is in trauma, after her stress reduces she will talk but we have a time span of 48 hours or it’s a serious issue, she may never speak then. Sikander said how is that possible, I am here for her, the doctor said 48 hours reduce her stress, Sikander said I will, Mia said I am sorry for what happened but the show must go and by tomorrow if she doesn’t sing benam group will be disqualified and as a guru for this round only you can help her all the best.

Kulfi’s friend were thinking of what efforts they can put to make Kulfi talk, rocket said we can’t lose hope, let’s keep motivating her. Sikander said to lovely, I won’t let my daughter lose the thing that’s most close to her, Lovely said only you can help her like she has always helped you, Sikander said I think I should take her out, may be then she will vent her anger on me and speak something but Amyra, Lovely said I am here for Amyra.

Amyra was with her new teacher and she praised Amyra, Lovely said baby I am so happy for you, Amyra said but this is kulfi’s genre she will win, Lovely said baby Kulfi lost her voice because of shock, Amyra thinks if she doesn’t sing tomorrow that would be so great, she will be eliminated and out of competition and our lives.

Chittu asked will Kulfi sing, rocket said yes,Akash said why lie she won’t, rocket said you are scared of her, Akash said I want Kulfi to be fine, it’s good to celebrate your win only when you have great competitor, one shock took her voice away may be another will get her back. Falana and Mia were tensed about kulfi, Mia said I can’t let her go, she is the soul of show, Falana go and follow Sikander and kulfi but be careful no one should learn about it, leave.

Sikander said god please don’t steal the gift she has, please be with my kid, he got her coconut water, and said wow it’s yummy but Kulfi denied it.

Pre cap : Sikander was singing for kulfi and she kept crying, falana was recording them…Read more

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